All over the web, we see so many people talking about how risky and unsafe it is to use Instagram bots and that they only harm your Instagram accounts and engagement.

Many say that you should not use automation tools for Instagram marketing or managing your Instagram accounts. These are all just wrong beliefs that need to be corrected. So here are the reasons why is it good to use an Instagram bot for managing your Instagram accounts and what made the world think of them as bad tools.

Why there are so many bad reviews on Instagram bots?

As we search the internet and read about using Instagram automation tools for getting engagement, likes, and followers on Instagram we will come across so many websites or people talking wrong about Instagram bots and this can be because of two reasons:

  1. They had terrible personal experiences using Instagram bots

Some of the Instagram users who always talk not so good about Instagram tools, especially Instagram bots, have previously used one of these tools and they have had bad results, and so many of them have got their accounts temporarily or permanently banned!

These people would surely come up talking bad about Instagram automation since they have trusted services which instead of productivity only brought harm to their Instagram accounts. There are some of them which only care about making money, and their benefits and the customer’s Instagram account safety does not matter to them at all.

However, we need to keep in mind that not all Instagram bots are the same.

That’s why we have provided a blog on Why you shouldn’t use every Instagram bot?  

The wrong beliefs on using Instagram bots

2.    They have read or heard bad things about Instagram bots

Internet is a huge world that has brought together so many information, personal experiences and people together. These days knowing about every little to a big thing is made very simple, and if we aim to use a service, we are not alone distinguishing between good and evil. All we have to do is to head to Google immediately searching for reviews and opinions on what we want, which in this case is an Instagram bot.

As I mentioned above, you should not be surprised to see plenty of bad reviews and thoughts on Instagram automation tools.

You click on a site, read the user’s opinions, which are mostly not so fair on bots, and you decide that using an Instagram bot is harmful and risky. then we spread the word, and it will be transferred from ear to ear, and gradually the whole existence of Instagram bots would be known as “Bad and illegal!”

Are Instagram bots really illegal?

You can’t just judge a book by its cover, and you need to try out a service you want to purchase yourself.

You always have to research a bit, read some reviews and use other people’s personal experiences before choosing which Instagram management tool to use since it is the matter of your Instagram account’s safety here which is so essential for many of us.

I believe there are lots and lots of Instagram bots that promise to help you in your Instagram account’s growth and they only hurt your accounts and its engagement and take your trust and money away. This is the reason why you should choose a safe and reliable Instagram bot which would boost your account’s growth and engagement in a fast and efficient way.

Any social media management tool that gives out fake and inactive followers is against Instagram’s term of services but and is considered illegal, but that is not true if that tool is based on Instagram’s algorithms, limitations, and term of services.

Who doesn’t like to get all their Instagram actions automated in a safe way?

I can guess the answer. No one! Because Instagram bots have so many benefits that can’t be easily overlooked.

These days people are very busy with their everyday lives that they think it would be a waste of time to devote some hours a day to Instagram accounts trying to do actions to get more followers on Instagram. But if you just take a look around, you’ll see everybody is using social media and all of them actually get excited when they get lots of Instagram likes on an Instagram photo they have posted or a picture of their most recent product.

This can’t be denied that it is exciting to have many followers on Instagram and get more likes day by day especially when you have a business and you are running an Instagram business account. You cannot imagine how Instagram can help your business to grow, and the key to this growth is interaction and organic engagement.

If you are a business looking to know more about how an Instagram bot can bring engagement to your business on Instagram you can check our blog “Why you should use an Instagram bot for your business.”

The wrong beliefs on using Instagram botsnstagram bots

What Is the best Instagram bot?

You need to be sure our Instagram accounts are on the safe hands of a secure Instagram bot.

After the Instagress shut down, which was the best Instagram bot until about two years ago, the competition between Instagram automation tools just raised more, and each of them started fighting for getting better and more powerful. Since then so many of them have faded away, and some of them just found their place in the world of social media management tools.

Instazood is still one of the biggest and the most popular Instagram bots that provide more Instagram marketing services than just automating Instagram activities.

Other reasons which have made Instazood stand at the top of this list is the excellent support system they provide and that they actually do care much for their customer’s Instagram account safety and help them secure their accounts in the best way possible to prevent any Instagram bans.

I wrote this article to help everybody to know how beneficial Instagram bots if chosen right, can be for their Instagram accounts. So that they would lower their Instagram addiction and manual usage and can save a considerable amount of daily time and energy to devote to more important activities of life as they can have a growing Instagram account as well.

That’s all and good luck with your Instagram accounts.

 The Wrong Beliefs on Using Instagram Bots and Instagram Automation Tools
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The Wrong Beliefs on Using Instagram Bots and Instagram Automation Tools
All over the web, we see so many people talking about how risky and unsafe it is to use Instagram bots and that they only harm your Instagram accounts and engagement.
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