These days, it’s all about the Instagram and how many followers you have. The more followers you gain, the more popular your account will. It’s a popularity contest in the digital age. But for brands, becoming famous on Instagram is vital to a successful business.

The more people that know about your company and its products or services, the more sales you’ll have and the more success you’ll obtain.

So how can your brand get popular on Instagram? Follow these tips to win the popularity contest!

Hashtags on Instagram are everything. It’s a great way to get discovered on the app and a way to create a buzz about your brand, event or whatever else you’d like to create a hashtag for. To get popular on IG, you’ll have to do your keyword research on hashtags so that your company is using the most relevant and popular terms as they relate to your business. Think of it as SEO for Instagram! Using third-party sites like TrackMaven can help you find the highest engaging hashtags for your business. You want the best hashtags to get back relevant traffic, which can turn into real-time sales when appropriately used.

Everyone loves to get free things, so run an IG contest to increase your popularity on the app! Run an IG contest and give away prizes, but ask that your followers do a few things first. Many giveaways require that their fans tag a friend follow them and any other accounts that are collaborating on the giveaway. Although it might cost you some money, you’ll gain popularity, increase your followers and engagement, so it’s worth it in the end.

People love to be inspired, so make sure that your Instagram account is engaging. Create content that is inspirational and post it each week with its hashtag. Create powerful images with beautiful words and messages and ask for fans to repost it. You’ll not only have fans and new followers looking for your attractive posts each week, but you’ll also increase your engagement with all the likes you’ll start to get after implementing this into your IG strategy.

People like to live the lifestyle they see on Instagram accounts so let them thrive on yours! Lifestyle marketing is huge right now, and Instagram is the perfect place to do it since it usually requires captivating photography. Lifestyle posts show your fans an inspirational way to live and make them want to purchase the products you’re touting. This is why so many influencers make big money on IG because they’re selling their lifestyle. Mix up your lifestyle posts with a few filtered and non-filtered ones for the perfect balance and appeal!

instazood-automation tools for InstagramTo get popular on IG, you’ll have to be a commenter and not just a liker. Even though it’s easier to like something directly, go the extra mile and comment on them so that the person sees that you’re engaging with them. This will, in turn, make them want to do the same for you. Leave meaningful comments on profiles, and you’ll most likely get more follows in return.

Populate your account with up to four photos a day so that you can build a good portfolio for your brand on Instagram. When a new follower comes to your IG account, they look at your posts, followers and following to determine or not if they want to follow you. Give them what they want with stunning posts instead of a dead feed.