Just like any other social network platform, Instagram users also have a rating system to judge each other based on various aspects. They often rate each other depending on how attractive the profile is and adopt a scale that runs from 1 to 10.

It’s a Pretty Brutal Scale

A scale of 10 means that you are perfect, while a range of 1 says that you are way below the pecking order. If you’re a 9 or near, many users desire to be associated with you, and you get many followers and engagement on your Instagram page.

Traditionally, a rate of 9 shows that you are the hottest and most famous person in your school or company. Cheerleaders and prom queens hold this rating. Even with the rating scale, a rating of 10 is exceptional. Most guys are too cool to say that a girl is a 10.

What Does Rate 9 Mean on Instagram?

Hot or not?

Many platforms across the world have used this idea. One of them is HOT or NOT.

Hot or Not is a rating site which lets users rate pictures uploaded by users voluntarily. According to reports, Hot or Not has become a significant influence on those people who went ahead to create YouTube and Facebook.

The website produced a lot of fun to the young generation, and they could spend hours upon hours, happily rating the hotness of their friends, classmates, celebrities and more.


After Instagram’s launch, it was only a matter of time for someone to come up with a rating app. In 2012, this became Hotstagram, a platform that places two pictures from the Instagram side by side with the intention of knowing which picture is hot and which is not.

The platform breaks Instagram pictures of girls into different categories and pits them against each other. It lets the observers choose which image is the most appealing between the two.

The platform isn’t active anymore.

What does it mean for you?

This isn’t suitable for people with low self-esteem.

As an Instagram marketer, you have the opportunity to rate against your competition. When you create your Instagram profile, your audience checks it out and chooses whether to follow you or your competitor. If you are “hot,” they will follow you and investigates in the comments on your content.

On the other hand, if you’re “not hot,” then the audience looks for someone hot to follow. So, always try to be rated 9 to remain relevant. Being hot in this case depends on different features. For one, your profile has to be complete. The kind of picture you use on your profile must describe something, not just any random picture.

The more appealing you become, the more audience you attract. You also get to enjoy more than just a following; you can redirect your followers for them to buy products or order a service you offer.