How people become celebrities on Instagram??! How do they get tons of followers and engagement in a short time??! they are either promoting their account manually by their own or they are using instagram automation tools. what Instagram automation tool they use to grow their followers? The answer is Instagram bots

Some people use tools called Instagram bots to boost their followers and gain more engagement, even buy auto likes and comments to promote their account.

So, if you want to know more about these platforms, keep reading because I am going to tell you everything you want to know about Instagram bots.

Instagram bots are one of the automation tools for Instagram marketing. If you are trying to build a strong business on Instagram, you need to create high-quality content and promote your account to gain more customers.

What is an Instagram bot and how does it work?

How does Instagram bot work?

The key to being successful on Instagram marketing is to be consistent on Instagram; you should be active, find new customers and get in touch with them via following, liking and commenting. This can be easy at first but after some time, it will get exhausting and a waste of time, like other repetitive routine tasks.

This is where Instagram bots come in handy. Instagram bots, work as an Instagram marketing assistant for you. They like, comment and follow other users automatically, so they would get curious and check your account out, and if your content were interesting enough for them, they would follow you.

Do they really work?

Instagram bots have a pattern: they follow and like other peoples as you, comment on their posts as you, so basically they can do all of your activities on Instagram for you. So you don’t have to. They are mostly used for promoting business accounts on Instagram. But you can use them for personal accounts too.

If you want more followers on your Instagram account, you can use any Instagram bot. But if you wish for functioning followers with engagements, you should use the ones with targeting tools. You can set targets for the bot, so it would only interact with users who fit into your targets. You can choose targets from usernames, hashtags, and locations.

What is an Instagram bot and how does it work?

How to select targets for my Instagram bot?

There are a few steps to choose a good target for your Instagram bot:

1- Know your audience :

You should find out who is your target audience. Who uses your product or service?

2- Analyze your audience

Try to find out more about their interests to target the pages and the hashtags they would follow. Targets can be beneficial for you because the people that you interact with are already interested in your content. And you will gain more customers from them.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram bots

Instagram bots have the same benefits as other Instagram automation tools, with some twists.


1- Time-saving

Using Instagram bots can help you focus less on social media and more on the real world or your other tasks.

2- High speed and efficiency

You will get to result much faster than manual promoting.

3- Gaining engagement

By being more present on Instagram, you will have more chance to be seen by other users. Also, some Instagram bots let you buy Instagram likes and comments as much as you want.

4- Gaining more followers

You can increase your followers by using Instagram bots. Most of them are real and functioning so this will increase your engagement too.

5- Statistics and monitoring

You can use their analytics to track and monitor your engagement.


1- Comment issues:

Instagram bots post comments based on the pattern you choose on posts with your target hashtags. So, they don’t look through the actual content of the photo. It can get awkward when they post unrelated comments under a post.

2- Shadowban risk

Instagram has a limitation for its usage. This means you can’t go over these limits for your activities, they are:

Maximum 60 follows/ unfollows, 60 comments, 150 likes on an hour. This is acceptable because no one can like more than 150 posts in one hour! But Instagram bots can easily cross these limits. So you should make sure to choose a bot which considers these limits in their actions. If you cross these limits, Instagram will get suspected and to ban you. So just search for Instagram bots with filters to prevent this issue.

What is an Instagram bot and how does it work?

Choosing an Instagram Bot

You should make sure to use the right Instagram bot because if you use the scammy one, you will get banned from Instagram. It’s too risky.

  • It should prevent causing issues for your account. For instance, it should follow the limitation rules of Instagram.
  • Check for the rank of their site to find out they are popular or not.
  • It should have a reasonable price. The free bots are too scammy, and they are not to be trusted.
  • It should be easy to work with. A simple workspace that you can understand completely.


If you want a fast shortcut to a successful business account on Instagram, you should try using Instagram bots. But search a lot about using one. Make sure to choose the best Instagram bot.