If you happen to be viewing this web page, it can be assumed that you ran a Google search to ask what to do if Instagram blocks you from liking. It is highly probable that you received a message from the application saying you have been blocked from using the liking feature since you happened to “misuse” it.

This can happen if you start liking or commenting too often and in short time. This is a widespread problem currently, with many people facing this problem in their accounts. Until Instagram’s developers can fix this, you need to know what to do and how to act in this situation.

The first thing to do is to not panic. This is a very common occurrence and does not have any major repercussions on your profile and your future use of Instagram. These days, Instagram is a highly popular social media avenue for hundreds of millions of people and such an occurrence is highly commonplace. As mentioned above, you are not alone. Numerous bloggers and users have been going through similar problems. So if you are not panicking, thoroughly read the instructions below and if you follow them, you will have the chance to use that blocked feature once again soon enough. Here is what you need to if Instagram temporarily blocks you from liking posts:

Cease All Activity for Sometime

The first thing you need to do is not be active after you have been blocked. Once the ban on liking is lifted, you still need to lie low for a while. The truth of the matter is that Instagram’s security systems have you under watch for the first 7 days after you get blocked. In those 7 days, any activity can lead to alarms ringing, and you may get the same ban once again or something much worse, one user claims to have liked only four photos after the block on them was lifted and being handed a ban once again. Hence, for the first week or so, you need to be extra careful about what you do and make sure that your act of using the application’s features is as minimal as possible. No one wants to be undeservedly blocked more than one time.

Slowly Let Instagram Know You are Not a Spammer

The previous point does not mean a total stop to all your Instagram activities. Instead, it means you need to lay low for a while. To ease the pressure on you, you need to show the security systems that you are not a spammer but a typical user of the application. After the third day, you can resume your activities cautiously, like and comment on 4-10 posts. Do it for a few days so that it seems like a normal activity. Uploading a post can also help by posting means you are an active user of Instagram. By doing so, you make the AI see that you are not an anomaly but just another normal user going about their business.

Do Not Keep Liking After the Heart on Posts Pops Back to Normal

It means that the heart shown in Instagram resets to its previous position. This happens to be a slight or subtle indication from Instagram that your post liking streak is getting a bit too much. You need to cease liking immediately and let the application return to its standard mode of running. As much as it may irk you to stop liking because of this, it happens to be a necessary mode of action. Rather than regretting not being able to like posts at that specific point in time, you need to protect yourself from being prohibited to like any post for some time. Since the application has seen so many bots and spammers recently, their security restrictions are as tight as ever. Hence, the most sensible mode of action is to follow their guidelines and requirements and don’t risk at all.

Be Patient

Recovering from a block to regain standard access is a slow process. Instagram starts to “trust” you again gradually and slowly you can get unchecked access to all the features of the application. Waiting can be frustrating, but it happens to be necessary. By having patience and making sure you don’t mess up again, you can enjoy the application and all of its features without any hassle in the future. Users who have been in a similar situation have commented on how they were not able to like 5 posts a day after the block but gradually they have gained unfiltered access to all the usual features a user can have.

Leave A Short Gap Between All Actions

For the first week or so, you need to transition between actions, especially liking posts gingerly. The advisable method is to leave a small gap between all activities. For example, once you like a photo, you should wait for 10-15 seconds before you like another one. The same goes for comments and posts. You can also switch and alternate between different actions. Waiting and alternating makes the security system dismiss you as a spammer. A spammer typically repeats one sort of action multiple times, and by not doing that and waiting between actions, you can show that you are not spamming.

Not having access to the like function can be a very frustrating time. However, you can regain access to it by being patient, waiting it out, and following the guidelines. By doing so, you ensure complete access to all features without any check in the future.