We have received many questions about a drop in the number of engagements and followers from Instagram users recently. We have prepared this article to give a complete explanation of new changes which are made to the Instagram algorithm that is a must to know. Understanding these trends would help users to reach their desired number of engagements and followers.  

Why has Instagram algorithm changed recently?

The Instagram algorithm is changing because they are looking for a healthy community and distribution of positive content among users. Instagram wants the community to see the relevant content that they are engaging in it mostly. Though, it Instagram algorithm changes affect all society, including individuals and small businesses. Google trends also show that searching for Instagram alternative is increasing.

However, it is all about doing what Instagram would like to see from you. Every single option and features on the app matter, and you should care about them if you want to grow the Instagram account.

What is the newest Instagram algorithm in 2019?

These days growing Instagram accounts are becoming a challenge, and this gets more tough with new updates of the Instagram algorithm. It might take days to read and understand what is going there.

Since there is a lot you should know about Instagram algorithm changes, we have divided the articles into four main sections as follow:

Section #1: Your entire profile (Action 1-6)

Section #2: Your Instagram content creating (Action 7-15)

Section #3: Your Instagram actions and activities (Action 16-23)

Section #4: Your relationships with Instagram users (Action 24-27)

Section #5: Your connections to other Instagram apps (Action 28-30)

Once you open an Instagram account, there are many ways to show the profile or content to others. Why are these important? Because the more a profile or content reach to others, the more there is a chance to attract follower. Whatever you have, it is essential to find users who love that. We are not going to force people to like our content; we have just found some smart ways to see who might love you and become a future follower.

Section #1: Your Entire Instagram Profile

In this section, we have covered all the necessary information about Instagram algorithm related to the profile and account. All of the info sends signals to the Instagram algorithm that an account is real, and it can show the contents to others more.

I highly recommend checking all of these 30 Actions one by one on the profile.

# Action 1: A clear vision

It is true that Instagram algorithm is not looking to see specific interests, but not having a clear image of the Instagram account would lead to wasting time and investment on social media. Always connect your mind to a big goal; the reason why you want to boost the Instagram account and why Instagram limitation is essential to you. It might be because you are:

  • Earning money as an influencer
  • Working on business branding
  • Driving more traffic & sales

Whatever you are aiming to gain, having a vision help you to know where you would be in the future. Get an idea from imagination, set a goal, and write it in your Instagram bio. For instance, write a sentence in bio like: “I want community healthier.” While vision is to increase fitness nutrition sale by 50% by December 2019.  This sentence helps others to act more on an account, which is important for Instagram.

# Action 2: Write a catchy bio

You are running an account to give society something. So, write what you would give others in a positive term in bio. Users first look at the profile picture, then they see name and read the bio. Don’t simply pass it, and put some time to find a relative sentence to account or business. For instance, better cleaning, healthier, quickly move, happier are some of the instances of page’s benefits for others.

A catchy bio of Rickey Thomson will guide people to follow

# Action 3: Name & username accordance

Our research team has analyzed more than 1000 Instagram accounts for their username and bio. We found that all accounts with a considerable fan have the same username and name. Sure, you know what you should do now! Match your name and username. If you have a unique name, then you are lucky! You might also apply for Instagram name verification, which is provided on the app.

the majority of Instagram accounts with big fans have used the same name & username

#Action 4: Not changing the username

Don’t change the username. Instagram has added some new options to prevent spam accounts. See the joining date, the shared accounts, and username history in about this account section. Surely, accounts with unchangeable usernames are more trustable. Though this option is for accounts with a lot of followers, if you still have less than 10k followers, you should also consider it because you will have a lot of audiences one day too. Instagram adds the username changing to profile, and people consider changing usernames as spam.

# Action 5: Stories highlights

Have you ever noticed to some of the professional profiles on Instagram? Almost all of them have story highlighted some content on their profile. Instagram also provides an opportunity to select a cover for each highlight. An excellent place to be attractive to others.

Instagram has added some new features. It is good to be up to date and use all the elements in the stories. Though, some of the features such as inserting a link need to have a certain number of followers. Tap on the profile pictures in feed, on the Instagram app, and explore all different photos and videos filters as well as options such as quiz, question, location tag, etc.

story highlights make the Instagram profile look professional and attractive

# Action 6: Website link

When users visit the profile, many of them click on the website link provided on profile. This can be a website, YouTube links for every post (update the website link) or any other app links such as WhatsApp or telegram. In this way, drive more traffic to websites, and also people can contact more comfortable.

Section #2: Your Instagram content creating

The second section is related to the generated content. It should be quality, engaging, consists of new Instagram features.

# Action 8: look for novelty & share quality content

Take some time to read competitors posts, and look carefully into their profiles. There are still some gaps that others couldn’t fill it, but you might do it. This reaction is our brain function to catch the difference and originality. The same as Google, Instagram also look for content that people find them useful.

# Action 9: Consistency is a must for Instagram algorithm  

All the story is about reaching more users and getting more impressions. So, you have to post when others are online. Instagram doesn’t show the number of online persons, though, find it from insight>audience>days and hours. In different time zones, Wednesday, 3:00 – 9:00 PM is the best hours to post people the activities are higher in these hours. However, we highly recommend you follow Instagram insight to see the exact time for an account.

use Instagram insight to find out more about the best time to post

# Action 10: Number of posts

There are always outliners who can break the trends but don’t look for them. Some may get millions of followers with just one post, but the probability of this trend is very low. The majority of Instagram accounts with a lot of followers have more than 1000 posts, and some with around 20k posts only.

Since consistency is vital for the Instagram algorithm. Thus it is better to share 1-3 times per day and keep this going.

the number of Instagram posts is related to the number of followers
the number of Instagram posts is related to the number of followers
the number of Instagram posts is related to the number of followers

# Action 11: Having a subject in posts is good

We found that people react and engage more in the posts with a human face. It is always good to have a specific look at audiences and see the insight of Instagram. Carefully consider what types of colors, content, posts, their size would catch users’ attention.  

Specific colors can trigger them more too. For instance, while advertising for a company to sell some fitness nutrition, they realized that a woman with a complete body showing in the picture (before and after using the diet) with while clothes, had the most call-back among all other types of photos. People like reality, so, use any posts that give them a sense of reality.

# Action 12: Getting featured on Instagram

Once you have at least 10 k followers, there is a chance for you to get featured on Instagram explore (categorized exploring). The Instagram algorithm is complicated, and even if you have less than 10k followers, you might get featured, and the name, username, the number of like, video views, bio, website link all are important. You should use relevant hashtags, content, and high-quality pictures to enhance the likelihood of getting featured.

# Action 13: Engaging Captions

Before sharing posts, take time to write content. To summarize, consider these items to write captions:

  • Fun
  • Having a sense of humor
  • Clever & thoughtful
  • Song Lyrics, or useful quotes
  • Business-mind captions

If you search the web, surely there are many ideas about each type of captions. The feelings the content gives to others, using engaging sentences, popular hashtags, relative captions, and picture or videos. Tagged people in captions.

What to write? I suggest you don’t use cliché such as “good day.” Write posts with some related ideas. For instance, explain the reason why you have taken photos or feelings while recording the videos. Other would read descriptions. A friend of mine was selling toys. First, she uses to write some content like this “to order these toys DM me,” and she had less than 1000 engagements. Once she changed the caption to “this is the most stress relief toys you have ever seen,” she says a 30% increase in the posts engagements. Using questions is also useful in the captions.

It Is all about sense. Once you share something, based on the feelings you have given to others, they decide to follow, like, comment, or unfollow you! So, better read captions at least three times, to make sure it’s attractive enough and free of errors.

# Action 14: Relevant Hashtags

I installed some apps to find the related hashtags, but I haven’t found any satisfying app. I type in the search bar, and I use hashtags that have more posts. Many people would see the posts from hashtags, and they might be interested in the content while visiting profile and start following you. It is also useful to read competitors’ hashtags; get some ideas. Don’t forget to use hashtags too, for instance, brand or specific word of mouth, this makes the content unique. Use up to 30 hashtags, but 4-5 is enough!

# Action 15: Don’t look to make all users happy

Not too much care about others opinion, though you might need some psychological part of it to boost an account. If you are trying to make everyone satisfied, you would be like this picture, and the content becomes irrelevant. Stick to the goal and skip all negative comments. This option is available on the Instagram app.

Don’t look to make all users happy

Section #3: Your Instagram actions and activity

This section is all about actions including like, follow, unfollow, comment, direct message on Instagram, and also online presence, which is important for the newest Instagram algorithm.

# Action 16: Like, Follow, & unfollow actions

It is ok to follow others, but because of some Instagram limitation, it is better to keep it reasonable so that Instagram won’t ban you. For instance, if you are going to follow some accounts, it is good to stay around a few numbers in an hour or no more than 200 in a day. It is true that follow up to 7500 users on Instagram, but then after sometimes, you need to unfollow some of the accounts to get the new following.

Instagram automation is a tool to follow & unfollow action instead of a human. The same as I explained above, but coding would do it for you automatically. It would be challenging and demanding and importantly, time-consuming, so I suggest you use an IG bot to ease the actions. It will work for you.

# Action 17: Scheduled posts help a lot

Newest Instagram algorithm is about the consistency of online activities. It means if you want individuals to see posts, you need to be regular. Doesn’t matter you post 1 or 3 times a day, but you need to be consistent and do it every day. Not like posting 20 posts a week, and next week you post nothing.

In this regards, it is good to use some scheduling posts tools, Instazood would offer you a very affordable one. Plan posts for a week or month.

# Action 18: Direct message influence

There are different types of direct message send to account’s growth or business. For instance, welcome letters to the new followers, introducing an account and aim, any company’s offers, etc. all of these would enhance the chance people visit the profile, share, comment, like posts and this would increase the engagements which are suitable for an account in one way. In another way, you are going to build relationships with new friends or new customers.

# Action 19: Using Comment tracker

One of the most critical parts of building a big circle of fan or friends is communicating with them. Use a comment tracker to see all the comments in one place, and try to answer them. This action gives people a sense of being significant for you, and encourage them to engage more in future posts, or share posts more, which all will bring new followers for you.

Even if you have a small number of followers, there are always people who want to send you their feedback, or any related posts to you. So, it is a good idea to send these some good feedback or experience documentaries with others to attract more users and make the account real.

# Action 20: Change your Instagram actions limits

Instagram recently has limited the number of like and comment; do not follow more than 60 people per hour. If you have faced with action blocked content, don’t worry, it will be fixed, it takes a few hours to a few days to get fixed. If you are using automation for the Instagram actions, it is recommended to limit them around 200 like/comment per day, and divide them through the day hours, for instance, 10 follows per hour daily.

# Action 21: Sharing client or users spotlight

Even if you have a small number of followers, there are always users who want to send you their feedback or any related posts. So, it is a good idea to share some positive feedback or experience with others to attract more users and make the account real. Once your account looks real (based on like, comment, engagements, impressions, etc.) it sends a signal to Instagram algorithm that you are sharing the right content, and in this case, the probability of showing the material to others is higher.

# Action 22: Increase the average spending time

The other way to stay ahead of the Instagram algorithm is to show your online presence. In this case, you can spend a bit more on Instagram, doing different actions, and connecting to other accounts. You can see the daily time on the Instagram app, from your activity, menu. There should be logical relationships between your activity time on Instagram, and all other actions you are taking there.

increasing the activity time send signals to the Instagram algorithm that the account is real

# Action 23: Use nametag

You should get every single opportunity to bring more people in an account. Instagram has provided name tag so that everyone can scan it, and without typing username, they can follow you on Instagram. Wherever you have the opportunity, like poster, conference, events and all use name tag there.

find the unique nametag on the Instagram app settings

Section #4: Your relationships with other Instagram users

Once the account grew to more than 50 k, you are becoming like a role model, and people would consider word of mouth, earnings, wearing clothes, and even what you would do for skin! We have researched more than 50 pages on Instagram for their ten latest posts in June 2019, and we have found some mutual activities that all of them are doing.

# Action 24: Ask followers to turn on posts notifications

Instagram only show the posts to 10% of followers. The frequency of showing posts on feed depends on followers’ interactions with accounts. So you ask followers to turn on post notification directly from your profile, or comment, and like your posts more. In this way, they would see more of you in the Instagram feed.

this message shows a call to action from an Instagram user. It is better to encourage followers to act on your profile

# Action 25: Followers love Contest & challenge

While you are having a certain amount of followers, run a challenge related to goals. Ask followers to tag their friends in posts, and run a contest. It is well worth it.

# Action 26: Connect with influencers

In an article (7 ways to get more ROI) which was done by researchers, connecting with influencers can increase the profits of hokey pokey ice cream. Analyze profile to find most related to you with at least 50k followers. Ask if they are willing to speak about you or brand. Don’t simply tag username on their stories, instead take time to mix their talent to tell own stories. For instance, while they are working out, they can present fitness nutrition, or while they are cooking, they can introduce products.

If you are going to boost the account, ask them to give an overview of the account. Tag username and this will bring more followers for you. It well worth it if you want the relevant influencers because the probability is higher than their followers love profile too.

# Action 27: Repost others content with tagging their name

You no need to share your own made content only. Instead, you might share other’s content but with consent. It is useful to reposts a content, and you can write the username in the caption, or tag the account, both are OK. It can be reposting related tips related to your account aim, or some fun videos or photos.

You can sometimes share others’ posts with their consent. In this way, you can build new connections

Section #5: Your relationships with other Instagram apps

# Action 28: Connect to other accounts

Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram. So, it makes sense if you connect to other apps. A few months ago, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are going to merge Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram messaging and the reason is not to leave other apps to buy from Facebook which is linked to eBay. Now, there are lots of places that add the Instagram profile too. Blogs, website homepage, social apps, and all other areas that people are there. They will come and follow you once they see profile.

Here is a list of accounts that connect to Instagram profile:

connect the Instagram accounts to other related social media

# Action 29: Increase traffic & bounce rate

What Instagram like to see from you is that people like profile & content. Therefore, by putting an opportunity for people to tap on the website link, you have driven more traffic into both Instagram account and website. A bounce rate is an average time people spend on the account, which is important. Though you haven’t any options to check it yet, surely the Instagram algorithm will catch to decide if the account is valuable to others.

# Action 30: follow the updates of the Instagram algorithm

subscribe to our newsletters or check our blogs to get the latest news about Instagram rules and new features, or algorithm. Being up-to-date would help to stay on top of all Instagram accounts. Also, check Instagram press too to see their latest news.

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