Sometimes it is challenging to find the best time of a day or week for posting on social media. There are many different resources out there that each has a different time recommendation. So, the question remains how I should choose posting time on popular social media like platform Instagram.

Once I was scrolling down articles to find out the best time to post on Instagram, I saw lots of different recommendations. It was somehow confusing, so, I started jotting down the timing of four recent shared content of a few Instagram users with the same number of followers. It was amazing to see the results.

time to post on Instagram

Then, I compared the results with other written articles to see if there are any similarity. There were the same in some cases, not all.

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

If you have already searched for the best time to post on Instagram, you most probably had seen that there is different recommended time to post on Instagram. Some have divided them based on the type of accounts, and some have spoken generally.

As the studies show, most people are likely to check their social media platforms such as Instagram and check their email right after they get up in the morning while they are in bed, on the table during the breakfast or on the way to work when they are on a subway, train or taxi. Actually, some people can’t wait to know what has happened while they were asleep and what they have missed! You can take advantage of knowing this and make your Instagram posts and videos viral. But that is not all! Fortunately, there are other best times to post on Instagram.
There are several times a day that give your Instagram posts the opportunity to be seen by many people and become viral. Lunchtime is also the peak time for showing off by your posts on Instagram. Also, after school and work, people check their phones while they are relaxing.
Another important factor that you should pay attention is time zone differences; you should know that where are your Instagram followers from and is there a difference in your time zone or not, so you should know that post according to North American time zones of Pacific (PST), Mountain (MST), Central (CST) or Eastern (EST) if your audiences are in the US.

I have come up with a conclusion that there is no single factor contributing to the best time to post. It can depend on the audience detail, the city or country they come from, and type of post.

Generally, you should pay attention to some factors to find out about the best time to post on Instagram:

  • Day of the Week
  • Breaks in the Workday
  • Use Time Zones to Your Advantage
  • Follow Your Specific Audience
  • Frequency of Posting on Instagram
  • Different Sectors Prefer Posts at Different Times

Moreover, you should try to find the best hour to share a post on Instagram by testing over and over. First of all, you need to set your Instagram account to a business account to access the “Insight feature”. You would have set the Instagram account to business account right after signing up If you had known the advantages. Business accounts on Instagram let you have access to insights, profile visits, post reach, information about your audience, the time that your followers are online, engagement, age, gender, etc. But it is never late to mend!

You should share the significant posts on Instagram at peak hours like 9-11 am and 3-4 pm when many users are online. In most countries, it is break times in workdays, or breakfast time and lunchtime. Otherwise, not so many people will see your posts.

What are the best days to post on Instagram?

If you are looking for a way to glow the most during the week by Instagram posts, then Wednesday is the peak day for sharing Instagram photos and videos with followers. It is likely that you’ll get a high number of likes and comments by posting on Wednesdays.
On the other hand, you should know that posting on Sundays is a big mistake that a person can ever make! It doesn’t mean that no one shares a post on Sundays; people who have private accounts or people who just want to share a post with their followers and getting viral doesn’t matter to them share posts on Instagram. To be more specific, you should know that posts are seen on Sundays, but after sharing posts on Sundays, you’ll get low engagement, like and comment. The reason is clear; many people spend time outdoors and have fun, which clearly don’t check their social media platforms same as other days of the week. So, it is better to post at time that your Instagram posts get the most interactions.

Though the newest Instagram algorithm is about keeping consistency, and it has been shown that daily posts would lead to 30% more engagements. Therefore, it is better to keep posting daily and several times a day. As it was mentioned, Instagram bot and scheduling post can keep any accounts consistency on Instagram. If you post once a day, it is good to keep it for other days too, not like posting irregularly.

The best time to post on Instagram

What if I don’t have time to find the best time of my profile?

Though, it might be indeed time-consuming for you to post every few hours. If you don’t have time to post every few hours for a week, Instagram post scheduler can be of great help. I recommend you use a scheduling posts software like Instazood. In just a few minutes, you can schedule posts for a week, months, or even more. It is simple and fast; you can even sign up and use its free trials.

There are many options available on the dashboard, for example, uploading up to 10 files, adding filters to them, saving them as drafts, and see all the posts engagements all in one place. It will ease your life and actions on a big social media like Instagram. You can see the number of like, sharing date and time, number of view, and all other necessary details in one place. You will easily find the timing posts that suits you best with this method within a week.

the best time to post on Instagram not only related to peak hours, but also the time zone of followers, and the type of content which is going to be shared on Instagram

Audience location: It is important that where your audiences come from. You need to switch to a business account to see it from insight. And also the age is important because every community’s free time to check the social media account is different.

Type of posts: If you post the low-quality content even on the peak hours with lots of followers, it might not get liked or engaged by many users. Therefore, it is better for you to share the quality content at the right time. If a post is very important to you, go for the best hours, and you can share other content with a lower level of significance in other times.

Peak hours: As I mentioned, there is no single factor and contributing to the sharing on Instagram. You should care about the quality content, users’ location, and timing altogether. There are some hours that many followers are online. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop posting at the other times.

Once, I checked famous Instagram profiles; I saw that they are sharing content from early morning until late at night. This kind of activities is good because their posts would reach to wider audiences even with different time zones.

sharing several times daily will increase the probability of reaching the content to more followers

Have you ever thought about a good Instagram scheduler?

Being active on Instagram 24/7 sounds like more than a lot for reaching to the Instagram audience. Instagram scheduling tool provides the option to post at a specific time instead of trying to remember the time to post manually. If you want it, then you should get familiar with Instazood and its services.

Using an Instagram scheduler puts an end to all the analysis you need to do by yourself, instead lets you focus on creating high-quality content and you’ll never be worried about forgetting to post at a certain time. The best part about using Instazood post scheduler is that you can add and manage several accounts at the same time. Here is the step by step instruction for using Instzood’s schedule service.

It is the best

How many times should I post on Instagram?

According to a survey (We Are Flint) among more than 2000 us residents, researchers have found that around 20% of users check their Instagram several times a day. If we use these analytics, we would say that if you also post several times a day (3-4 times: 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, 9:00 pm, 12:00 am), the likelihood of your engagement is higher.

What will happen if you post once a day only? As you see, only 7% of users use Instagram once a day, and if you have only one content per day, the chance of seeing your post is low.

The distance between posts is important. Imagine you have a friend who checks its Instagram every 4 hours, so if you have posted all the content at once, he/she would see all together and may like or comment on one only. But, if you post every 4-6 hours, the chance that users engage in your content is more, because of the distance between them.

In the first, it looks somehow disturbing and noisy, but if you keep the time distance, it reversely looks engaging, and it shows your online presence on Instagram.

Quantity is also important while posting on Instagram. You should reach your content to wider audiences, so better to post many times a day on Instagram. This actions would send signals to Instagram that you are active on Instagram. Therefore, your posts will be shown on feeds for others.

Along with considering the time to post and the number of posts on Instagram, you should be aware of the latest Instagram algorithm, which can remarkably affect your account value.

Instagram user

In conclusion, you might find many articles about the best time to post on Instagram, but as our research shows that the best content sharing time is what you would find through your Instagram insight (while you switch to a business profile). Scheduling Instagram posts will help you to prepare and post as many times as you want every day.

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?
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When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?
Sometimes it is challenging to find the best time of a day or week for posting on social media. There are many different resources out there that each has a different time recommendation. So, the question remains how I should choose posting time on popular social media like Instagram.
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