Instagram users complained about the social media site on Wednesday when they noticed photos from five days ago. revealed that IG had been having some problems. In a poll, 96 percent of people who complained of an issue said the problem was with their news feed.

On’s site, some commented about on IG being down through their Facebook pages to say there were few new photos in their feeds, and said that most of the photos were from days ago. Many commented while they still had access to the last 30 minutes of the IG feed, with many explaining that they didn’t have access to nearly a week’s worth of posts. reported that IG was last down at 4 p.m. EDT, but as of 5:18 p.m. EDT, IG was said to be running properly. Though IsItDownRightNow offered troubleshooting instructions, those were mainly just for people who use Instagram on home computers and not on phones, which isn’t too helpful considering most people access the social media platform through mobile devices.

For those who are in dire need of obtaining IG access, instead of using the app, they might be able access the site through the Internet icons on their mobile devices. suggested using alternative URLs (as opposed to to gain admission. Trying, or might work. For those who use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer on their phones, clear the cache and cookies for each respective browser.