I think there is a misconception among some bloggers that using hashtags is not cool and can seem spammy. If you think this, then you’re wrong. If you have a massive following, then your fans will see your images in your feed and you will get likes from these fans.

However, if you’re looking to build your likes and followers using hashtags enables people who don’t already follow you to see, and perhaps like, your images; you never know they might even then go on to follow you.

If people love Instagram they will probably spend time looking at the images within various hashtag streams and if you haven’t used a hashtag, then your image (however wonderful) isn’t being seen by these potential new followers. Speaking personally, I do this A LOT, I love finding new accounts to follow and looking at beautiful images. I spend some time every day scrolling through various hashtags streams, liking and following the ones I love. So are we on the same page?  Do you now realize what a difference it could make to your Instagram if you use hashtags?  Yes?, Great!

I’m now going to share some of my favorite hashtags and others that might work for your feeds.  Bear in mind that the highest engagement is seen on images with 11 or more hashtags.  Top tip – put all your hashtags (you can use up to 30) in the first comment box (not the main comment box). This means they will be hidden when more people comment on your image, and so it will look cleaner.  Also, they won’t then show if you share this image on Facebook or Twitter.

It can be hard to decide which to use and to some degree, it is trial and error; obviously the decision depends on the subject of your picture.  Some big hashtags program images, which would obviously help your likes and follower numbers, but they will only do this if appropriate pictures are hashtagged.  Using a generic tag like #love is probably not going to do you much good.  There are 893,705,172 images with this hashtag, so chances are yours will be lost. Also, I don’t think anyone would search this hashtag; it’s just too vast.  You need to choose wisely and think which will give you the best exposure for your picture.

There are hashtags with a large number of users and there are smaller ones; both have their strengths and weaknesses. Large accounts, if they feature you, can then share your image/account with a huge amount of followers, but it is harder to stand out. Smaller hashtags, like Mr. and Mrs. T Plus Three and my, #LittleFierceOnes have a smaller number of users, but in some respects, a greater sense of community, with lots of likes from community members and being features on Instagram and also our top 50 ranked parenting blogs.  So it’s swings and roundabouts, trial and error is probably the way to go to find out what works best for your images.  I will start with the ones more focus on the parenting niche, then will share some popular general ones.

Child-Focused Hashtags


Creators: @youbabymemummy & @amytreasureblog almost 100k posts

We feature daily on our feeds

Images to tag: Pictures that sum up your little fierce children


Creator: @pixel_kids 20.7k followers   72,712 posts

They feature images on their feed.

Images to tag: beautiful kids shots


Creator:@clickinmoms www.clickinmoms.com 48.9k followers   313,419 posts

Feature images in roundup posts on Instagram

Images to tag: Gorgeous images of children.  They also do daily challenges.


Creator:@childhoodunplugged  www.childhoodunplugged.com  77.9k followers   772, 019 posts

Feature images.

Images to tag: Pictures which show children to get back to the art of play.


Creator:@momswithcameras 15.7k followers   323,494 posts

They feature images.

Images to tag: Lovely shots of kids


















I could go on!  However, I will stop there for the specific child/motherhood tags.  Obviously, you will be able to use more general hashtags too, even if your image is of a child.

Here are some others to consider:

#thatsdarling  #darlingweekend  #darlingmovement

Creator:  Darling Magazine @darling – 210k followers

They will program some appropriate images.

Images to tag:  Arty, styled shots of anything.


Creator: www.liveauthentic.net  8,196,254 images

Images to tag: Promoting active and authentic lifestyles in the great outdoors, and having adventures.


Creator: Folk Magazine 5,600,243 images

They will program appropriate images.

Images to tag: Anything to do with the outdoors.


Creator: @wandeleur Blog: Wandeleur  39,086 images

They will program appropriate images.

Images to tag: Cocktails, Home, Travel, Flowers, Architecture. Inspiration for a creative life.


Creator: @officialplt  Pretty Little Thing  323k followers  71,680 posts.

The program images

Images to tag:  design, girly, feminine, travel, colorful, feminine, pretty, home, patterns.


Creator: @jemmacraig  Rusty Break  111k followers  412,686 posts.

Images to tag:  Anything pretty, feminine, beautiful.


Creator: The Happy Hunters  @thehappyhunters 10.9k followers 462,710 images

They will program appropriate images.

Photo categories: Anything that makes you happy, puppies, kids, drinks, foods.


Creator: The Glitter Guide  @glitterguide  430k followers  539,634 images

They will program appropriate images.

Images to tag: Anything with great color or attachments, i.e. kids, food, pets, travel, flowers, beaches, interiors.

#ABMlifeissweet #ABMhappylife #ABMlifeiscolorful #ABMathome #ABMhappyhour

Creator: A Beautiful Mess  361k followers

They will program appropriate pictures.

Images to tag: Various within each hashtag, just make sure you tailor which tags you use for each picture.


Creator: @runstylerun  Run Style Run 14.3k followers  817,517 images

Images to tag: Anything colorful, friends, beaches, flowers, food, cocktails, pets, home, pretty.

#RSroadtrip #RSlove #RSblooms #HowIsSummer

Creator: Real Simple Magazine  8,386 / 48,923 / 8119 / 15,747

They program appropriate images.

Images to tag: Self-explanatory!


Creator: @campbrandgoods 140k followers  Camp Brand Goods  563, 957 posts.

They program appropriate images.

Images to tag: Anything to do with being outdoors.


Creator: @morningslikethese   Mornings Like These  45.3k followers  365,959 posts.

They will program images.

Images to tag: Those which represent finding a moment each morning to be present and thankful.


Creator: @dametraveler   Dame Traveler  152k followers  200,571 posts.

The program images

Images to tag:  Unique ones. Non-filter images of your travels from different angles.


Creator: @madewithmap  Made With Map

They do program some images.

Images to tag: Mainly travel but also food and home pictures.

#DScolor  #DSpattern  #DSrainbow  #DStexture  #DSwallpaper  #DSlettering

Creator: Design Sponge  653k followers They program appropriate images. Photo categories: Pretty self-explanatory.


Creator: @bourbonandgoose   Bourbon and Goose  141k followers   80,615 posts They do program.

Images to tag: Abstract, cool, trendy, colorful, unique, creative.


Creator: @katespadenyKate Spade  1.5m followers   149,486 posts.

Images to tag: feminine, pretty, travel, cocktails, colorful, design, home.


Creator: @nothingisordinary  73.5k followers  1,025,802 posts

They do program images.

Images to tag: Anything creative, beautiful, colorful.


Creator: @howyouglow   How You Glow   61.9k followers  46,726 posts

Images to tag: Images that project happiness.


Creator: @brightbazaar  Bright Bazaar  131k followers  53,410 posts

The program images.

Images to tag: Anything really colorful that evokes happiness.

  • Make sure the ones you use are relevant to each picture.
  • Keep a note of the ones you usually use on your laptop and phone to make copy and pasting easier.
  • Use hashtags you enjoy helping you find other accounts you will love. I do this A LOT and have found some amazing accounts this way.
  • Remember you can schedule your Instagram.  Most programmes I have found have had issues. I recently found GRUM which schedules, actually uploads to Instagram without you having to press anything and also puts your hashtags in the first comment box. It’s literally schedule and forgets!
  • Use 30 hashtags, you are allowed them, so why not sure them and give your image the best possible exposure.