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Search tool

Find Instagram users and posts
in a second!

Are you wondering how to find posts, influencers, or hashtags easier and faster? Instazood has a tool for your search within the Instagram app.

Find posts by hashtags

Use a powerful tool to track top Instagram posts by hashtags.
Have you ever thought about narrowing down your target market, or finding specific users or posts on Instagram out of millions of users and billions of contents? We have software for what you need. If you have ran a campaign and you are looking for those who have used your hashtags, the tool makes it possible. You might also find new information about any hashtags you want. Hashtag search option helps you to know what is the content.


Search Instagram posts by location

Track top posts, competitors, or influencers through the locations or places they used in their content!
Find both users and their posts by entering the location. You might need nearby people for specific purposes, or simply you are going to track information about specific places. All of these are possible using Intazood special search feature. If you are running a business and you need specific users, use this strategy. It is also suitable for those who are looking for special information about specific topics.


Repost the top content

If you are wondering how to fill you Instagram feed, use Instagram search software.
Search within billions of posts about specific words. Instagram search tool helps you to fill your Instagram feed by reposting other’s content just with a few clicks. Second main reason why you should use Instagram search tool is that you would engage with users or influencers in your field of interest. Narrowing down the target market is the main aim of Instagram users for using search tool.


How it works?

Instazood hashtag generator works simple and fast. Sign up, go to the dashboard and follow these steps:

1. Type in the hashtags

Write as many hashtags as required, then top Instagram hashtags would appear on Instagram search bar within the Instagram hashtag finder. Hashtag generator would help you to discover the related Instagram hashtags too. Just give any topics to the software.

2. Set the location

Add any locations you have in your mind like country, area, or any specific places to filter the posts that are shared from that locations. The software would find the posts in which those locations are used.

3. Find users and Engage with them

Right from the social dashboard, engage with users. Like, comment, or send them Instagram direct message. By word of mouth, it is a strategy to use in different ways. Like, comment, send direct messages to users to speak about plans and collaborate with them.

4. Copy posts to Instagram feed

There is an opportunity to find posts through Instagram posts finder. Share the posts you found directly to the Instagram account. Edit or add any captions that is needed.

Find Instagram influencers

Explore top influencers and collaborate with them.
One way to boost your account in every level you are that you find influencers and communicate or collaborate with them. But how to find Instagram influencers? With the Instagram search tool you would engage with users or influencers in your field of interest. Narrowing down the target market is the main aim of Instagram users for using search tool.