Instagram Tutorial


Instagram is a great place to showcase your makeup skills and cultivate an audience who appreciates your unique style. It can be easy to end up blending in, however, when there are so many accounts on the subject. So how can you stand out? Here are some tips on how to get yourself more followers:

Learn from the best makeup artists

Find people whose accounts you want to emulate and learn from them by examining which of their posts are most successful. Just remember to maintain your own look–don’t pretend to be a lipstick expert when you’re best at contouring; use others’ accounts as inspirations for things you could put your own spin on.

Also check out accounts from makeup companies. They often have contests and giveaways that prompt interest from the online community. What can you do to create incentives for people to follow?

Originality is important

While you want to be inspired by others, your account also needs to be uniquely appealing. Think about what makes your look special and what you can offer people. Share those things.

Use thoughtful captions and tags

A makeup idea in the image plus a possible context for the look in the comments can make your photos feel relevant and useful. Similarly, keep your tags focussed and avoid trendy tags like #follow4follow that can seem unprofessional and don’t lead people to you based on your actual content.

Engage with the Instagram community!

Have a feature page separate from your primary account where you host others’ images, and be sure to use the explore page and make comments on other people’s looks. Your comments on other people’s images can be another place to show off your knowledge of and passion for makeup as long as you are genuine about your interest in what they’re doing and don’t insult their technique–everyone is learning. Showing interest in what other people are doing will make them curious about your content.

Review products

Do you have a favorite eyeshadow that you don’t see anyone else using? Let people know! Recommendations show that you know what you are talking about and open a dialogue with people who have either tried the product before or are grateful for the information you are providing.

Maintain a consistent aesthetic and theme

When people look at your profile, all of your images will appear together. A consistent color scheme and/or layout can make you seem more professional.

And of Course, Get the Best Training

You should now be well on your way to establishing your new Instagram following. If you want to take the next step and become a makeup artist, Evergreen Beauty College offers courses in everything from makeup to hair coloring and styling.