Instagram Tutorial

Want to know how to get more Instagram likes and comments?

Me too – and we’re in luck! Here are the results of a scientific study of almost 1.5 million Instagram photos from over half a million users.

Dan Zarella, the social media scientist, compiled the results on this easy-to-follow infographic he calls The Science of Instagram.

Some of the findings are must-follow for any company. Others concerning the colors and design of images – you’ll need to look at these in regards to your company’s branding. But here are the results:

  • More tags = more likes and comments (too many tags can seem spammy, though).
  • Photos with no filter applied get the most likes.
  • Captions with the word “like” or “comment” work.
  • Photos with less color saturation get more likes.
  • Photos with faces get 35% more likes.
  • Busier photos get more likes.
  • Cool-colored photos get more likes.
  • Brighter photos get more likes.

Check the infographic for the sometimes-astounding differences.

And pin this infographic to remind you how to get more Instagram likes and comments.



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