Instagram Tutorial

Instagram Live was not used initially by many users because of it’s instant nature. But things have changed after an update which was rolled out a couple of months ago where Instagram made it possible to share the live video to stories. This made it possible for followers in different time zones to rewatch the live video at their own convenient time. If you have a lot of followers then you are bound to get a lot of viewers and hence comments on your video. But what if you don’t wish for a specific comment to go away from the screen when other comments are posted. In order to do that, you can pin a comment on Instagram live.

Pin comment feature can also be used to pin your own comment. This can be used to let users (especially the one’s joining late) know what the live video is about or any important message. So, if this is something you are interested in then follow the steps here for Android and iOS apps.

Pin a Comment on Instagram Live

Tap on the desired comment and select Pin Comment.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Live Video

Yes, it is that simple and straightforward. With this, the selected comment will be pinned at the bottom of all the comments. Other comments will normally slide one over the other and disappear sooner or later but the pinned comment is not going to move an inch for you or the viewers.

In case you wish to unpin the comment then you can use either of the below methods.

  • Simply tap on the x icon on the pinned comment.


  • Tap on the pinned comment and select Unpin Comment.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Live Video

Please note that it is only possible to pin a single comment at a time. But you are not forced to stick to one pinned comment throughout the live video. So, you can pin different comments but don’t forget only one comment will be pinned at a particular moment.

If you don’t want anyone to comment on your live video then you are allowed to disable comments.