Instagram Tutorial

At long last, you can now save Instagram drafts, which had been one of the most requested features on the photo and video sharing platform.

The feature was first made available by Instagram to a small set of users in July. Now, the company has officially acknowledged its existence with a tweet linking to a help document detailing the steps in saving an Instagram post as a draft.

How to save a post as a draft in Instagram

Once you’ve started creating a post on Instagram and applying edits to it, you can opt to save it as a draft so that you can edit it further or share it at a later time.

1.Tap the camera button at the bottom of the screen, and then select an item from your library or take a new photo or video.

2.Tap Next to apply filters and other edits, and then tap Next to enter a caption, tag users, or add a location.

3.Tap the back arrow at the top left corner to go back to the filtering and editing screen, and then tap the back arrow again.

4.On the prompt that appears, select Save Draft.

Select Discard if you’d rather not save the post as a draft and do away with all the edits you’ve done on the post.

You’ll be prompted to save the post as a draft if and only if you’ve done at least one of the following: apply a filter, apply an edit, write a caption, tag a user, add a location.

How to see and manage your saved drafts in Instagram

Your saved drafts are collected under Drafts in the Library, which you can access by tapping the camera button at the bottom of the screen and then tapping Library.

Under the Drafts heading, you can see your most recent drafts. Tap the one you’d like to share or continue editing.

To see all of your saved drafts, tap Manage. Tap the one you’d like to share or continue editing. You can also delete drafts from there: Tap Edit at the top right corner, select the items you’d like to get rid of, tap Discard Posts at the bottom of the screen, and tap Discard Posts in the confirmation prompt.

Get Instagram, now with drafts

The ability to save posts as drafts in Instagram is likely to be a boon to many users. For one thing, it enables users to work on posts for fine-tuning and sharing later. For another, it ensures that the edits that have been applied to posts won’t be lost in case of interruption.