Social Bridge APP

Get More Followers with Instagram Bot App

Social bridge is an Android app that mimic human behaviors on Instagram and automatically follow, like, comment, and unfollow on behalf of you.

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Instazood Full Automation Service bot

Be Unlimited with Social Bridge

Dodge all Instagram limitation and action block with social bridge. It will automate and organize all your Instagram activities to boost your account fast and easy.

Auto Follow

social bridge automatically follows targeted Instagram users

Auto Like

the bot finds the random posts to like

Auto Comment

comment on Instagram posts with social bridge app

Auto Unfollow

Social bridge runs unfollowing if you reach the limitation

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Get more followers even when you are away

The best way to use Social Bridge

Do you want to see the amazing results of Instagram bot? just run the automation overnight and wake up to see hundreds of notifications of follow, like, comments and Instagram DMs. No need to keep the screen on for 24/7. Use your phone and continue the automation whenever your phone is free. Social Bridge knows where it stopped! It will complete all Instagram bot tasks.

How to Use Social Bridge?

To use social bridge, you should first sign up through Instazood dashboard. Follow these 5 steps to start growing your Instagram account. Social bridge is safe and easy to work with.

Sign up to dashboard

Register On Instazood with and Choose add Instagram account

Get your code

Click on the barcode icon just beside your account on Instazood dashboard

Download social bridge app

Download social bridge and its proxy in google play

Insert the barcode in social bridge

Open the app and enter the barcode to connect your Instagram account

Run your promotions

Wait for couple of minutes to find targets, then Run your promo!

Start 5 Days trial

start using Instazood for 5 days trial, you can use Instazood unlimited on this 5 days

Start 5 days trial
Start 5 days trial

How to start?

Step by Step Guide to Grow and manage your Instagram or TikTok Accounts

How to Use it?
How to Use it?