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Why Instazood comment tracker?

we solved a problem for users that have many comments

It is straightforward to read, respond, delete, organize all the Instagram comments directly from your dashboard. If you are managing multiple accounts, it is hard to manage all the comments. You may miss some of the important ones. Instagram comment tracker is th best tool to find all the feedbacks from your profile visitors. Reply to all the comments within a few minutes. This would encourage users to comment more on your posts, which all send signals to Instagram that your account is active. Having comments and replies all would show a better and high-quality profile to the account visitors, which increases the sense of trust.

How to use it?

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the comment is one of the most convenient places for users to ask their questions after Instagram direct message. Answering all the comments will help users in their decision making about your products and services. With this tool, you can track and answer all comments in one outlook for all your posts. It means that you don't need to open posts one by one for answering comments. You can delete, mark as important plus, and mark as resolved all your comments. Get more engagement and grow your Instagram account with the Instagram comment tool.

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