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Jul 2018
How to fix some Instagram marketing mistakes (part2)
Being a fairly new platform on the marketing scene, there are a lot of businesses not sure why their posts aren’t getting them more followers and engagement that translates into...
Jul 2018
How to fix some Instagram marketing mistakes
Being a fairly new platform on the marketing scene, there are a lot of businesses not sure why their posts aren’t getting them more followers and engagement that translates into...
Jul 2018
How to delete and deactivate your Instagram account
Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with a staggering 800 million users globally. The photo-sharing network is a great place to share snaps of your daily life...
Jul 2018
Making the life of tattoo artists easier!
Social Media is now the fastest and quickest way to market any business. Having the reach that this tool gives us is a HUGE advantage in just about any area...
Jul 2018
Instagram new interactive sticker - Q&A
Instagram always finds the best way to get you in touch with your follower; interactions play the biggest role in the Instagram algorithm. That’s why it has so many features...
Jul 2018
The Most Liked Instagram Posts Of All Time Revealed
Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez all make an appearance, but who's No.1? SIX of them are connected to a birth or pregnancy announcement. Which means one thing, everyone LOVES...
Jul 2018
How to stop losing followers on Instagram?
It is an absolute thing that Instagram has become a central social media marketing tool among entrepreneurs and businesses. Nowadays gaining followers is trending these days. It can be so...
Jul 2018
How to see someone’s story anonymously
Sometimes it is necessary to find a way to watch what someone has posted on Instagram Stories without them knowing that you’re stalking them sitting on the couch waiting for...
Jul 2018
‘’You’re all caught up’’ | Instagram new feature
Instagram's timeline is very addictive; you can scroll and scroll and forget about time and the real world. It tends to show all the posts not only in last 24...
Jul 2018
How to find a perfect username for my Instagram account
Usernames are really important on Instagram. The first thing people see of your Instagram account is your username when you like someone or comment on someone’s post, If they find...
Jul 2018
How to edit your Instagram posts?
I know that Instagram still has a lot of limitations. Like being unable to change the pictures after you post them. Right now the only way to do so is...
Jul 2018
How to Create your Own Custom Location on Instagram
One of our Preview app lovers asked us a really good question: how can you create a custom location on Instagram? (if you’re reading this, thank you, Beatriz, for the...
Jul 2018
Instagram new feature | Music On stories
Instagram is on fire! First the IGTV and now a new feature on stories. As well as the group video chat, Instagram is now introducing music to stories. You can...
Jun 2018
Weekend’s Hashtag Project: #WHP
Weekend Hashtag Project, WHP, is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. Weekend’s hashtag project announced ever Friday and Instagram choose and show some of...
Jun 2018
Instagram Video calls
Instagram has rolled an update that will make us more obsessed about Instagram. It’s like how you can uninstall all of your other apps on your phone and have all...
Jun 2018
Why Your Business Needs to be Active on Instagram
Nowadays, with traditional advertising on its deathbed, social media advertising is quickly becoming the primary outlet for all marketing. There has been an increase in the number of social media...
Jun 2018
How to Edit Your Instagram Photos to Gain More Followers
With the astronomical increase in Instagram accounts and with more people taking advantage of the Instagram apps to create awareness about their business and personal brand, Instagram is becoming populated...
Jun 2018
The Top 10 Instagram World Cup Stars Ranked by Follower Numbers!
The World Cup has started! What is the first thing that we think about here at IGR? Who is the most popular World Cup star on Instagram, of course! In...
Jun 2018
Is the Instagram Shadowban Killing Your Engagement? Here is the way to fix this!
There is no doubt that a large number of marketers have experienced the horrible outcomes of shadow banning. For those who are unfamiliar with this, the shadowban is the kind...
Jun 2018
Instagram Won’t Load On WiFi? Here’s The Real Fix For iPhones & iPads!
Instagram isn’t working on your iPhone or iPad and you don’t know what to do. It can be incredibly frustrating when the pictures and videos in your Instagram feed just...
Jun 2018
Introducing IGTV
Instagram has added a great feature that would take over Youtube very soon! We have been waiting for an improvement in Instagram videos for so long now, so this was...