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Promotion Service is the primary tool of the Instazood Instagram bot. It uses the Sources that you’ve added to follow, like, unfollow and comment on the targeted accounts’ posts on behalf of your Instagram account, which proceeds in two Sources and Found Targets modes.


Sources mode is the fully-automated procedure of the bot which finds targets based on your added sources and does all the activities on its own.

To let the bot do the activities automatically, activate the Instazood Social Bridge app. You can check the related links on Social bridge and Blue Stack for more information.

Tip: You can check whether your account is connected to the app here.


Found targets mode does a half-automation/half-physical job. In this mode, in the first place, the bot finds targets based on your sources to do activities on; Next, you need to confirm/skip the actions manually on your dashboard.



1. To get the best functionality of bot in both modes, you need to Add sources and Manage them, customize Filters and Settings, define Comments, and Track all Activities.

2. To use the fully-automation service, remember to install the Social Bridge app on your Android device or emulator.

3. Don’t use Instagram manually on your phone to do likes, follows, unfollows, and leave comments.

4. Do not login to your Instagram account on several devices.

5. Read our Safety Tips and Important Advice pages for a better experience.