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Add New Source

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Instazood, Instagram bot, helps your account to attain followers based on the Sources you define. To let the bot start its activities, you need to add and activate appropriate Sources to your Instazood dashboard.

Step 1


Click on Add New Source.


Step 2


You can add a source in three types:

1. Follower: Add Instagram accounts’ username; The bot will work on the followers of the accounts you add as a source.

If you check the box Only likers and commenters, the bot will work on the part of the added source’s followers, who has also liked and commented on the posts. So they are not ghost-followers and are more active, which may create more engagement with your account.



2. Location: By adding a source on the Location tab, the bot does its activities on those accounts on the particular area/location that you added as a source.



3. Hashtag: You can add a source through the hashtag tab in two modes:

3.1. Post Owner: Instazood bot does activities on the accounts who used the added hashtag on their posts.



3.2. Post Lover: The bot does activities on the accounts who have liked the posts used the added hashtag.


Step 3 


After entering the source you want to add, click on the Add New Promotion button.

Source details


Through the Extend Mode on the Instazood dashboard, you can observe all of a source’s details individually.



Active: Display your source status; if you tap on the Pause button, it will be changed from Active to Paused.

Note: Remember if you pause a source, it won’t turn off the bot, and your days will be decreased, it just pauses the bot’s actions. If you want to save your money in your balance, you should stop your bot, not pause your targets.

Recycle Bin: You can delete your source.

Coverage: The number of actions the bot has done.

Conversion rate: Shows the success rate of the bot’s functionality on the source. It shows the percentage of your account success in gaining followers through the accounts the bot has done activities on.

Likes: Displays the number of Like actions the bot has done.

Comments: Displays the number of Comments the bot has left.

Follows: Displays the number of accounts the bot has Followed.

Skipped: The number of accounts the bot has Skipped.

Tip: The Skipping process happens, based on the Filters and Limits you have customized, via bot’s activities; remember, by default, the bot skips part of accounts to show the activities natural as humans.

Created: You can check the Creation date of your source.

Updated: The last date you check your sources on the dashboard.

Some Tips keep which you need to keep in your mind about Sources:


1. Keep the number of your sources between 5 to 10.

2. If the conversion rate of a source is less than %5 (in a 1-week statistic check), replace it with an efficient new one.

3. To get more efficiency of Sources, don’t make Filters and Settings too strict.

4. It’s so essential that what sources you define; because it affects your bot’s functionality. We recommend to choose sources related to your business or your activity on Instagram; you can get more information on Manage Sources and How to Find Sources.

5. You can get complete information about Extend Mode and how to Manage Sources through this link.