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Filters and Settings

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You can define the bot’s behavior and restrict it in its interactions on the Promotion service via the Filters and Settings section. There are four tabs on the Filters and settings that include Filters, Comments, Limits, and Unfollow.




After defining sources, you can customize the bot’s behavior through the Filters.


Check gender: If you check this box, the bot will skip targeted accounts with the specified gender.

     Skip gender: Checking the box, this option appears; you need to define the gender (female or male) that you want your Instagram bot to skip.

Media age: This setting will help you to choose an age of media you want to interact with likes and comments; From the newest ones to the oldest.

Hint: It’s better to set Media age on one week or two.

Skip used accounts: By checking this box, the bot will do any activity on every Instagram account only once.

Max followers: This filter restricts the bot to contact accounts with followers less than the defined number.

Hint: If people have many followers, they may not pay attention to your requests because they get many followers, likes, and comments.

Min photos: Bot interacts with the accounts which have at least the number of posts you defined.

Hint: Please note many people do not post photos regularly but still actively use Instagram.

Skip accounts with a web site: If you check this option, the bot will not interact with accounts with a link of a website on their Bio.

Select Languages: This option allows you to select the languages of the targeted profiles.

Tip: Use this option to gain followers who speak the chosen languages. Profile language is determined based on the Bio and Captions of the posts.

Skip 10% accounts: Through this option, the bot will randomly skip 10% of all accounts.

Skip private users: The Instazood bot will not interact with private users.

Max following: This filter restricts the bot to contact accounts with followings less than the defined number.

Tip: If a targeted account has many followings, it may mean that it is using a bot; as a result, it won’t pay attention to your requests.

Skip business accounts: The bot will not interact with accounts which are Business.

Skip accounts with phone number: By activating this option, the bot will not follow targeted accounts with seven or more digits in their profile Bio.

Use unknown language: If this option is checked, the system will use accounts for promotion even if it cannot detect their language.

Blacklist: It is a list of profile names (i.e., @instagram) that bot would never interact with them.

Hint: You can add your competitors to the list, and the system will never interact with them.

Tip: Separate profile names by “space” like “@natgeo @instagram”.

Stop words: Instazood bot will skip profiles with at least one of the added words in the Bio and Captions of the posts.

You can use Copy all or Clean all the content of this box

Tip: You can use this functionality to filter out commercial, spam, or unwanted profiles.

Tap on the Save button after you’ve done with the changes.



Through the Comments tab, provide the comments texts that you want the bot sends.



You can Add new comments and Delete the old ones.

Attention: Instazood messaging and comment service supports Spintax format. To prevent getting banned or blocked, you need to use the texts in curly brackets with pipes between {##|##|##}.

Please check the Comments for more information.



Through the limits tab, you can define the number of actions that you want the bot to do.



Follows/day: The Max number of Fallow actions per day.

Likes/day: The Max number of Like actions per day.

Comments/day: The Max number of Comment actions per day.



Unfollow feature runs through the Social Bridge app, which you can manage it on your Instazood dashboard.

There is a Whitelist box on the Unfollow tab that you can enter the usernames of accounts, which you don’t want the bot to unfollow them. Enter the username and click on the plus button.

You can Copy all or Clean all the content of this box.

Please check the Unfollow for more information.




You can back to the default settings by clicking the Reset icon on the top-right of each tab.

If you check the Save setting of the blacklist, white list and, stop words box, the information you enter into these boxes will be saved.



Attention: Remember that all the settings and filters you customize are relative, and not 100% effective; Cause the bot does the activities randomly not to let Instagram suspects its behavior, and pretend it is a human.

Hint: You can get more information about each feature functionality on your dashboard via the inline help next to them.