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How to Know Bot Is Working

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When you add the Instagram account to your Instazood panel, primarily you need to add the number of Sources between 5 to 10.

After that, you have two ways to run your bot, Automatically or Manually, which includes Source and Found Targets tab. You can connect your account to Instazood Social Bridge app to let it start its activities in an automation mode on the Source tab; Another option is to confirm the activities that bot has found manually through the Found Targets tab.



For getting more information about sources, please check Add Source and Source Management.

Track the bot’s activities on the Statistics bar on your Instazood dashboard.


  • If you want to check your “Active” Sources, put the list on “All (not deleted)”
  • Put “Type” on “All Type” to display all of your Sources.
  • It shows the statistics on the “last period”- of bot’s activities you select from the list.


Tip: If you want to check the bot’s activities in the last 24 hours, set the Time on 24 hours.

Note: To obtain a better result, check your sources’ efficiency and bot’s activities-after at least 48 to 72 hours of the first source addition- set Time to 1 week; then check the source conversion individually to see whether they have profited or not. If the conversion of a source is under 6%, remove and replace it with a new one.