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I don’t want Instazood to unfollow, How do I deactivate the unfollow function?

1- If you want to keep following, you should keep in mind that Instagram’s maximum level of threshold for followings is 7500 Because when the followings reach more than 5000 it will really slow down the system’s speed.

That’s why we recommend to our customers to put it in logical numbers.

Also, it will seriously risk your profile. So we recommend you to change your settings to some number less than 5000 to prevent being banned by IG.

You can put the following threshold on 7500 but remember you yourself should unfollow before it reaches 7500.

2- If you wish to not to have Un-follow feature, you should Turn off the Following feature for all of your targets.

That time the unfollowing feature will be turned off as well.

Please only turn on the comments and likes feature for those accounts if you want them to function only on likes and comments.

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