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Please do not use any other automation service while using Instazood. Also, if you were using any other service, please wait for 1week, then add your Instagram account to the Instazood dashboard.

We highly recommend to not do any manual action with your Instagram account such as liking, following, unfollowing, commenting and viewing stories. You can just upload posts/stories or reply to comments and DMs (not send a new message if you are using Instazood auto DM service).

If you have less than 1000 followers, for more safety, please only turn on the like and viewing stories on all of your targets and turn off the comment and follow feature.

You can make the settings strict, but you should remember, your conversion may decrease. But you’ll gain real customers for your business.

Turn on the night pause to let your account rest for some hours at nights for more safety.

Instazood night pause

Put the speed on slow, if you are a new Instazood user or you have less than 1000 followers. Use Normal speed, if you have more than 1000followers, and it is better not to use the fast speed to not put your account in any harm.

Instazood activity speed

It is better not to put the “Media age” less than 1 week, this way, your skip number will increase, but remember you’ll gain some hyper-active followers. 😉.


Instazood activity speed

It is better to check the “Skip used accounts” to stop the bot from any interaction with the same profiles to not let them report you.

Instazood activity speed

Do not increase the “Min posts” more than 10 to not let your skip number increases.

Uncheck the “Do likes, comments, viewing stories” in the unfollow settings. This way the bot will not do any activity along with the unfollowing, and it will protect your account.

Instazood activity speed

It is better to enter your important followings in the “Whitelist” and uncheck the “Keep personal following” box. To not let any conflicts in, for the unfollowing process.

Instazood activity speed

Do not increase the limit per day more than 700 and the limit per hour more than 50 for “follow, like, unfollow”.


Instazood activity speed

Please read comments and Auto DM before using them.

Remember to check the bot’s statistics every (at least) 24 hours, not less than that.

Please read the Advice for more safety.