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Sign up & add Instagram account

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To start using the Instagram bot to increase your Instagram Followers at first you must register on instazood. For registering on instazood you can click for “3 days free” button and enter your registration page.

Note: Before you start using instazood read the instazood advice. If you own less than 700 Instagram Followers at first you must read instazood advice completely.

Step 1

After entering the registration page you must enter the required information.

we just need your phone number to send messages via telegram after your purchase.

“I’m not a robot” Button is connected to Google and If your browser is connected to Gmail it did not ask the security question.

After Fields marked with the name, email, phone number, password, repeat password, security code and press the tick to accept the Term of Services and agree with Privacy Policy of InstaZood, in the end, click on the sign-up button.


sign up from in instazood

Step 2

If you enter correct information on sign up page, you enter in add Instagram account page. Click on “Add Instagram account” button.

Be sure to observe the following:

  1. Be sure you have verified your email in Instagram or remember the email has been used in your Instagram account.
  2. Make sure the email address you use for your Instagram account is active and you can access it
  3. Make sure the email address you used to build pages inside your Instagram account is approved
  4. We recommend that you link your account to Facebook
  5. Upload your profile picture and try to fill your profile information
  6. At least six photos with the mobile add to your account
  7. Make sure that your post violent content is not contrary to the Instagram laws.
  8. We are not responsible for this posts.Finally, click the Next button.

Finally, click the Next button.


advice before add account in instazood

Step 3

Now you have to connect your Instagram account to your robot. You must enter the account name and password of your Instagram account and then click on the button Add account.

Note: We do not keep your password and your enter your password in Instagram API. It is important to keep in mind that you can change your password any time by email or mobile number.


Add instagram account in instazood

Step 4

Finally, you enter to the dashboard and you should set target for your Instagram bot. you can read our advices in adding targets and start increasing followers .

Note: In some accounts Instagram show you a message to connect your account to instazood. After this you need to open Instagram in your phone. Instagram message asks you “someone attempted to log into your account recently. “. You must click “it was me” button. Now your Instagram account is connected to your Instagram bot, after this, you must open your instazood dashboard and click on “confirmed” button. The message may also be displayed later.


Instagram confirm message

Step 5

! Important note

After Finishing sign up for Instazood You should Add Target. If you don’t add any targets, Instazood will not do any activities. You can check out our Add Target tutorial for more information.