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Targets Management

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In Instazood system, for getting more follower depends on your targets. If your targets are efficient, so you get more followers. You can see this page ” Add Targets ” for finding better targets. It’s better to your targets have 15% efficient.

Before starting to manage targets, you should add a target in the robot. You can see this training in “How to Find Good Targets“.


account and hashtag targets in instazood

Note 1:

For managing your targets,  set time filter for “1 Week”. With this function, you can see statistics of the panel and on each target that is existence since last week util today. By this targets that were successful before, is known but now they aren’t successful. Delete targets that are efficiency less than 15%.

Apply filters in instazood

Note 2:

You’d better choose between 3 to 10 targets for your robot. If you delete one of these goals, replace with new target. Your targets should be more than 15 percent efficiency. You must give a chance to each target between 24 and 48 hours. If your target in this time was to 15 percent efficiency hold it and if it was less than delete it.

Note 3:

For access to the setting of getting follower robot, just click on “setting” button beside “new target” button.
If you use the default setting, it’s good; but we suggest do under setting:
Mark “skip user account”.(Mabey is sent request some people several times or follow and unfollow someone, so they block or report you probably)
Set number of “Min following days” on 3 in “Unfollow” setting. (whit this, you let other to follow you)
Don’t set the number of “Following threshold” on 5000 in “Unfollow” setting. Because Instagram lets you follow 7500 maximally, but after 5000 follows you get follower slowly and block you per hour.

Note 4:

Don’t set the system on “Follow”. Don’t turn on just: follow target”, that means turn off “Like” and “comment” plus get follow just by “Follower”. Whit this function, your account will be temporary block every day. Instagram lets each account to get “like”, “follow”, “comment”, “unfollow” in limited. That is explained under:
Follow: between 800 to 1200 follows in a day
Like: between 800 to 1200 likes in a day
Comment: between 300 to 600 comments in a day
Unfollow: between 1000 to 1200 unfollows in a day
They can be different for each account.
Note: If turn on “Follow” on targets, won’t get more follow in per day and loose getting follower by “Like”.
Ther is no problem if you turn off comments on all target.