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Why all of our comments are adding exclamation points and periods to the end of them, like “!!!!!!” or “…”?

you should use this pattern on your message {## | ## | ## }.

When you use this format, our system randomly uses on each message one of the words you’ve written between square brackets. In fact, the system converts your message into multiple messages. And don’t use just emoji. Use texts and emoji.


Your message:

{Hi | Hello | Hi Dear} @username, Thanks for following. {Have a nice day | Have a good day | Thank you}

The system sends these messages randomly:

Hi @username, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

Hello @username, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

Hi Dear @username, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

Hi @username, Thanks for following. Have a good day.

Hi @username, Thanks for following. Thank you.

And four more different sentences.

Note! You have to create common messages suitable for all photos they will be applied to.

Use smiles and emojis in messages – such messages reduce the risk of getting the Instagram ban.

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