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Instagram Tutorial

Sometimes happens that you’re posting a video on Instagram, and you don’t want the audio. Maybe there’s something like a bad ringtone in the background of the video or a popular music that might trigger the Instagram copyright terms, or maybe you just want a picture without sound.

Fortunately, Instagram lets you remove the audio and just display the video, whether you want to post the video to your Stories or share it as the feed post on your Instagram. Here’s how to do it:

How to Remove Audio in Instagram Stories?

1- After recording or selecting a video from your gallery, tap on the sound icon at the top-right corner of your screen.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

2- The sound flows of the speaker icon will vanish and be substituted by an “X,” indicating that the sound is now off for that video.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

3- After posting the video, your followers won’t hear any sound, nor will they be able to unmute it on their own.

How to Remove Audio from your Instagram Posts?

1- Tap on the plus sign at the bottom of your screen to start posting a new video.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

2- Choose or record a video you’d like to share on your Instagram post and tap the audio icon up at the top of your screen.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

3- Just like in Instagram Stories, the sound waves on the icon will turn to an “X,” and you’ll get a pop up saying that the audio is off.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

That’s it, guys.

What do you think? Share your experience with us in the comments below.


Instagram Tutorial

Do you like to make your posts accessible to a broader audience on Instagram? Did you know you are now able to add extra text to your Instagram posts that assist the visually impaired utilize your content?

In this article, I am going to show you how to write and add alt text to your Instagram posts.

How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts?

Instagram has rolled out a feature that allows you to add alt text to your posts; you can add it directly to your new posts as you upload them or edit any former post on your profile to attach the alt text.

How to Add Alt Text to New Instagram Posts?

1- You can add the alt text to your Instagram posts on the captions screen.

2- Tap on the Advanced Settings option on the bottom of your upload screen.

How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts?

3- Now, tap on the Write Alt Text to enter the screen to add your text.

How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts

4- On the following screen, you see the picture you’re posting and a text box where you can enter your alt text. Add your alt text, and tap Save to redirect to the post-upload screen.

How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts

How to Add Alt Text to your Existing Instagram Posts?

To add an alt text to your old Instagram posts, you have to pick each post and manually edit it. To modify the post:

1- Tap on the three-dot button at the top-right of the post.

How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts

2- Now, tap on Edit to redirect to the editing screen of your Instagram post.

How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts

3- Then click on the Aa icon (Edit Alt Text) at the bottom-right of the picture to access the alt text screen.

How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts

4- write your descriptive alt text in the text box on the next screen.

5- Tap the checkmark to save your edits and get back to the edit screen.

6- On the main edit screen, tap the checkmark to save your changes and the new alt text to your post.

And voila!

That’s it, guys.

What do you think about this new feature?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


Instagram New Feature, Instagram Tutorial

Instagram is rolling out amazing new features to its Stories format, including a brand new countdown sticker, and new question stickers that can be used in Live streams or to share song recommendations.

The latter is best defined as “all of the current Instagram Story features remixed into each other,” which seems necessary given how many there are now.

Instagram is Testing a New Music Reply for Questions in Stories

The question sticker will become more accomplished today, as people on Instagram can now reply to the questions with music. By tapping on a viewer’s response you can play the song they recommended, and users can decide to answer with a direct message or share the recommended song to their own story. Choosing to share a song reply opens up the Instagram camera for the user to catch a picture or video as the song plays in the background, and there is also extra camera effects that will return to the music being played.

Instagram is Testing a New Music Reply for Questions in Stories

New question stickers are also being added to Live videos to improve the stream and organize the Q&A interactions. Previously, questions could be missed inside the disordered chat stream, but with this new update, questions accepted by the user streaming will be displayed on-screen, so all users and viewers can understand which questions are being responded. Questions can be asked on the user’s Live stream before and during the Live video, and streamers can now also share pictures and videos from their camera roll to their followers on live video.

Instagram is Testing a New Music Reply for Questions in Stories

As you may already know, countdowns are interactive stickers in Stories which let you count down to upcoming events that could be as important as your birthday, or as meager as the end of a workday. Creating a countdown sticker on your Instagram story will let you keep it in your sticker tray to reuse until your countdown finishes. Your followers can tap the countdown to share or follow it, and Instagram will notify them when your countdown ends.

The updates are rolling out on Android and iOS today.


Instagram Tutorial

Being very active is the way to go. You have to comment and like posts, create captivating and new content regularly. By following accounts that are similar to yours and following those who like your posts and content back in a positive way is also vital. Doing these actions and you will steadily increase your followers.


The problem that comes up is this is a full-time job.  If that is the only thing you have to do for the day, then you can manage that. However, real life comes along and most people who are actively building a business just do not the time. As well as this, you also have to create interesting relevant and value-packed content which is one of the most important parts of building your brand.  

So how do you make time for life? Many have found the solution is to use Instagram bots and automation.

Why you Should Use an Instagram Bot for your Business


Instagram bots automate the tasks that need to be done. You can program the bot to like or comment on posts that have a specific hashtag.  They can comment on anything you want such as “cool” or post a heart or other emoji of your choice.  

They can also auto follow other accounts that are relevant to your target audience.  

For example, if you are building a foodie account and want to have followers that are into this. You can select hashtags such as #foodie #foodporn and the bot will search out instagramers with these hashtags and auto follow them. 

This creates interest and draws attention to your account.

The person owning the account that your bot has interacted with will then be drawn to look at your profile and follow you back if you give them a good enough reason to so.


These days more and more things are being automated. You can automate recurring bills on your bank account, reminders and even emails. It really makes sense that managing your social media accounts is an area that you can automate. Here are some of the benefits you can consider:

  • Instagram bots save you time as they are efficient and speedy.
  • It allows you to engage with your followers and build your brand on a daily basis.
  • Instagram bots get your more followers.
  • Bots can search for instagramers that you want to interact with.   
  • They can follow back accounts that have followed you.

This increases your reach and gains you, new customers for the product that you are promoting.

If you program your bot in the right way and have an Instagram account that has incredible, unique and constantly developing new varied relevant content using a bot can be very beneficial and can multiply your followers. It will allow your great content to be discovered and reach more people than you could ever do manually.  

However, there are some downsides to bots that you need to be aware of.  

If you have a bot that has not been correctly programmed or you have it assigned to an account that does not have good content, then it will appear spammy and turn potential followers away. It will create a dislike instead of achieving its real purpose. This will be a waste of time, money and effort.  


So before you start looking into bots and automation here are some tips for setting up an account that has high-quality visual content.   

Why you Should Use an Instagram Bot for your Business

Firstly, the content needs to give value to your audience so they will want to follow you back. The bot will only be useful in converting interactions if you have something dynamic and interesting to follow.   

You need to consider that the first glance look of the account is the most important. This is what will allow people to choose to follow you or not after they have received a like or a follow from you or your bot.  

The more care you put into creating top-notch visual content is what will set you apart from other accounts and make your bot more effective in gaining followers.   

Your account needs to stand out from other accounts with similar content or selling products in the same category that you are selling. The posts need to be unique, visually interesting and obviously give value for the time spent with those who look at your site and branding.  

One easy way to do this is to plan out your content so that you are creating a differentiated visual grid.  You can do this with color or subject or even create a visual mood that lasts for several posts. You can set up a week or even a month in advance of what you want to be posted and move it around to create a visually impressive look to your profile.  

  • You want to create something that someone will see in an instant that this is the account to follow
  • This is something they choose to have in their personal feed every day and you need to create something unique and spectacular for them
  • So, before you spend time and money on marketing and automation take the time to set up your account and make it inspirational.

Creating and maintaining a vibrant, interesting account is probably the one thing that is the most important of all.  Don’t slack off on the content.  This is what will create and keep a long lasting following. You can throw money at ads or other promotions, but if you don’t have an account that is worth following it is all for nothing.

Which is one reason to consider using bots, it takes away the pressure and it gives you time, time to really make a great proactive and user friendly site.  

Another essential thing is to get to know which hashtags are posted by your potential followers and your target audience. To set up and use an effective bot you need to get to know your target audience.

  • Who are you aiming to reach?
  • What do they find valuable?  
  • Why do they choose certain accounts to follow?
  • Who do they follow?
  • What hashtags?

The more you can know your audience, the more you will understand the type of person you want to convert and the more effective your campaign will be.

So take the time to really understand who you want to reach and their likes and who they follow. If you do this you can use the bots successfully and not create a spammy situation.  

In summary, this is a way to use technology to your advantage. It allows you to spend more time on creating the right sort of content that stands out and building a brand instead of spending hours and hours manually searching out customers and interacting one on one. It’s a technological world today and this is the way to find leads and build a brand.  


Instagram New Feature, Instagram Tutorial

Over the past few weeks, Instagram has been reportedly working on some new tools. Thanks to Jane Manchun Wong and Matt Navarra, we are now informed of some of these new features.

  • Sorting followers on Instagram

First of all, she revealed a feature that lets people sort their follower and following lists. Sorting will be based on recency of the additions to the list. This feature will help users planning whom to connect or engage with for their Instagram growth, both individual and professional.

Sorting Followers, Rating Profiles and other new Features of Instagram!
  • Karaoke feature

She also tweeted that Instagram has been testing a feature similar to a Karaoke tool which will probably embed lyrics to music videos. Instagram will use Facebook’s music right deals to make this feature a perfect win. Furthermore, the extension of TikTok and the point that a significant part of its termination is related to the music used in the videos surely floor the way for Instagram to launch this new feature.

Sorting Followers, Rating Profiles and other new Features of Instagram!
  • Co-watching feature

A “Co-Watching” feature is also being tested out for Video Calls on Instagram, probably similar to Facebook Messenger’s Co-Watching, but it’s not clear what kind of videos Instagram will support being co-watched. Chances are on video posts and IGTV.

Sorting Followers, Rating Profiles and other new Features of Instagram!
  • Search bar in likes list

Wong also tweeted about a search bar to be tested for post likes. The feature is being examined for Android, as iOS users already have this feature.

Sorting Followers, Rating Profiles and other new Features of Instagram!
  • Direct media pickers

Instagram Direct is also working on an advanced media picker feature. If this option rolls out successfully, you will be able to find “Saved” and “Liked Posts” tabs on your personal profile and a “Your Posts” tab on your business profile.

Sorting Followers, Rating Profiles and other new Features of Instagram!
  • Rating business profiles

After Wong’s exciting revelations, Matt Navarra also shared a tweet about a new option in which people will be asked to rate business accounts on Instagram.

Sorting Followers, Rating Profiles and other new Features of Instagram!

We don’t know whether all of these features will be rolled out (or not) and their launch date is also being kept as a secret on Instagram. However, one thing is for sure that Instagram is trying so hard to stay ahead of its competition.