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Instagram Tutorial

Sometimes happens that you’re posting a video on Instagram, and you don’t want the audio. Maybe there’s something like a bad ringtone in the background of the video or a popular music that might trigger the Instagram copyright terms, or maybe you just want a picture without sound.

Fortunately, Instagram lets you remove the audio and just display the video, whether you want to post the video to your Stories or share it as the feed post on your Instagram. Here’s how to do it:

How to Remove Audio in Instagram Stories?

1- After recording or selecting a video from your gallery, tap on the sound icon at the top-right corner of your screen.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

2- The sound flows of the speaker icon will vanish and be substituted by an “X,” indicating that the sound is now off for that video.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

3- After posting the video, your followers won’t hear any sound, nor will they be able to unmute it on their own.

How to Remove Audio from your Instagram Posts?

1- Tap on the plus sign at the bottom of your screen to start posting a new video.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

2- Choose or record a video you’d like to share on your Instagram post and tap the audio icon up at the top of your screen.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

3- Just like in Instagram Stories, the sound waves on the icon will turn to an “X,” and you’ll get a pop up saying that the audio is off.

How to Remove Audio when Posting Videos to Instagram?

That’s it, guys.

What do you think? Share your experience with us in the comments below.


Instagram Tutorial

Posting TikTok videos is a fun way to display a production you created or music video you recorded. People put much effort into TikTok videos, so why not publish them on your Instagram for the world to see?

In this article, I am going to show you how to post TikTok videos on Instagram.

Two ways of sharing TikTok video on Instagram:

  1. Sharing a public TikTok video
  2. Sharing a private TikTok video

Sharing a public TikTok video

Public TikToks are the videos which are visible to everyone over and TikTok. And they are usually the masterpiece of someone’s work. But how to demonstrate that masterpiece on Instagram? By only following these easy steps:

  1. Select your TikTok video which you want to share.
  2. Tap on the three dots on the right side of your screen.
  3. Select “Instagram,” and you will receive two options – “Feed” and ” Stories.”
  4. choose the option you prefer.
  5. The video will show up on your Instagram, edit it or post it creatively based on your choice.
How to Post a TikTok Video on Instagram?

Sharing a private TikTok video

Private TikTok videos are the posts that are not accessible for anyone except the creator. However, to share those videos on Instagram without actually posting it on is a way too easy step.

1- Choose the private TikTok video.

2- Tap on the three dots at the top right.

3- Tap on “Save locally.”

4- Your video will show up in your gallery, and you can then post it on Instagram.


Instagram Tutorial

Instagram has experienced a sudden rise. As of today, there are over 1 billion active users on Instagram, and 98 million pictures shared every day.

Also, 82% of users on Instagram come from outside of the United States! I guess a photo is worth a thousand words.

Editing Your Profile

  1. Instagram lets you change your profile picture and add a bio with 150-word and one link, so choose thoughtfully!
  2. Next, connect to users you already know on Facebook, and if you want, you can also search and connect to your phone contacts.
  3. Next, link your other social media accounts by using the little “wheel” at the top right of the platform where you can link to your Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  4. After that, Take a picture (or choose one from your gallery), apply a fine filter to improve the photo, change the color, make the image look old, rotate it, etc., and then share it as a post!

Use Hashtags

Write at least two hashtags in your caption, as this is how pictures are found on Instagram. You can use the Top hashtags trending in real time to get more engagement by putting them in your caption or post them in a comment under your post.

The Musicians Guide to Instagram Marketing

Use your Captions to Tell A Story

In addition to hashtags, you should add captions to your pictures before posting. What’s going on in your picture? Your fans want to connect with you on an intimate and personal level, so tell them a story! Post a few images in real time, documenting the lead-up to your show, a day on tour, a trip to downtown, etc.

Timing is Important

It’s necessary to track the time when your fans engage with your posts. Posting at 2 am on a Saturday might work correctly for an EDM DJ, however, it’s not an excellent policy for an older folk singer. Think about your target audience, and when they’re most likely to be using Instagram. Check out our blog on What is the best time to post on Instagram to find out more.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram lets you share your day with your followers by using Instagram stories! You can post a few simple pictures of you going about your day, or record short videos. You can even use the boomerang option to create a looped video. By using this feature, you can also add a link that the viewer will swipe up to open. This feature can be used to promote a lot of various things – you can ask your fans to follow your other social media accounts, send out a link to purchase your new album or song on iTunes, etc.

The Musicians Guide to Instagram Marketing

Go Live on Instagram

When you start a live stream on Instagram, a notification will be sent out to all of your followers telling them that you are live! You can answer questions that your fans are sending in the real-time comments. This is an excellent way to connect with your followers and fans on a more personal level, or to make announcements in a unique, creative idea!

What should I Post?

We suggest picking up to five thematics, and concentrating on those when posting on Instagram. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Charities or causes that you or your band care about – #childfund #unicef
  • Family – #bro #mom
  • Your pets or animals – #grumpycat #puppy
  • Other musicians, shows you go to, etc. – #musicmonday
  • Your upcoming events, performances, etc. – #livemusicNYC
  • Your creative process – #coffeecoffeecoffee
  • Food – #COOKIES
  • Your hometown or where you live – #nyc #brooklyn
  • Your hobbies – #adultcoloringbooks
  • Then there’s #tbt (Throwback Thursday). Awkward childhood pictures go down a treat.

That’s it guys.

Instagram can be great for artists and musicians. So go on and get all the benefits from it.


Instagram Tutorial

Years ago, Twitter was a dominant force in the online marketing world. Brands flooded to the quick-paced platform to get their product and content out in front of millions of users. Today, Twitter is still pretty popular, but the platform is not as powerful as it used to be. One of the reasons Twitter has seen a small decline is due to Instagram.

The Instagram vs. Twitter topic has been exciting. I’ve seen some brands, and big companies start to shift away from centering the Twitter and put more effort on Instagram. Right now, Instagram is where customers live. Still, does that mean you should forget about Twitter too?

Not necessarily. I’ll break down some of the differences and similarities between the two social media platforms and help you get a sharper picture of which one is best for your business.


Instagram vs. Twitter: By numbers

Statistics can provide you with much insight into which social network platforms you should work on based on popularity. It would be best if you didn’t make your decision only on these numbers, but they will give you an excellent place to start.

Instagram statistics

  • 1 billion monthly active users
  • 95 million posts per day
  • 80% of users are outside the U.S.
  • Users ‘like’ 4.2 billion posts per day

Twitter statistics

  • 326 million monthly users
  • 80% of active users on mobile
  • 77% of users outside the U.S.
  • 500 million Tweets sent per day
Instagram vs. Twitter: Which One is Better for your Business?

Even though Twitter has been around longer, Instagram surpassed the number of monthly active Twitter users. This statistic alone is what has made more brands take notice of the platform and begin to discover the art of Instagram marketing.

Twitter, however, wins in the content sharing area with more than 500 million Tweets sent out per day compared to 95 million posts per day on Instagram.

Instagram vs. Twitter: Audience

A big part of the Twitter vs. Instagram debate arises from the point that they both have the same audiences. When you take a look at their demographics, you will see that the two platforms have similar users in age, education level, income, and even location.

Instagram vs. Twitter: Which One is Better for your Business?
Instagram vs. Twitter: Which One is Better for your Business?

The primary user age for both platforms is 18-29-year-olds. After 50+ years old, the number of people begins to drop significantly. The other statistics show Instagram and Twitter are especially popular among people in their 20s who are either in college or are newly graduated. This is usually the user base that drives social media growth in general because this group is the most active.

If you are after a younger audience, you can’t really go wrong with either of these networks. The even divide in location and gender gives brands more reach than sites like Google+ or Pinterest which have users that are either predominantly male and female, respectively. As the overall demographics for both social networks are equally matched, you should look at the audience of your critical profile to find out who is following you. The more information you have about your audience, the more targeted you can make your content. Your posts on social media should be tailored to your audience as much as possible to get the best results.

Instagram vs. Twitter: Which One is Better for your Business?
Instagram vs. Twitter: Engagement

Instagram has the most engaged audience of any social media platform. It concentrates on keeping users stuck to the platform while they are browsing with a few to no distractions. There are no clickable links available in the captions while scrolling through your feed. By eliminating unnecessary features, Instagram can keep customers focused on the posted content, which is a significant advantage for your business.

Instagram vs. Twitter: Which One is Better for your Business?

On the other hand, we have Twitter which is quite noisy. The feed is filled with links to news articles, blog posts, videos, and other things that take you away from Twitter’s platform. That makes it harder to get people to see your content and engage with it. Also, because Twitter moves so fast, the lifespan of your Tweets can drastically change depending on how many other users your followers are following.

Instagram vs. Twitter: Which One is Better for your Business?
Instagram vs. Twitter: Which One is Better for your Business?

Those two Instagram by themselves got more engagement than all of McDonald’s tweets combined about “the All Day Breakfast” promotion. While Instagram has more engagement on its platform, Twitter builds engagement outside of the app. This is why companies should have a second thought about taking their focus away from Twitter. People can’t easily share a blog post on Instagram.

The engagement for Instagram basically begins and ends in the platform. However, with Twitter, you can drive engagement outside of the app by getting users to Tweet links to content on your website and other social media platforms.

Instagram vs. Twitter: Functionality

Instagram keeps you within the platform on purpose. The company highlights the posts users share. The value comes from within the app. Twitter is actually a content sharing tool. There isn’t much original content on Twitter, and the platform initially consists of users sharing links or live updates. It’s all about following what’s going on in the real time. The value of Twitter comes from the content you discover on another site. Imagine if users couldn’t tweet links. It would not be as successful as it is today. This doesn’t mean that either method is better than the other, they are just somehow different. Depending on your company’s goals, one might be more beneficial than the other. Learning the difference between how people use Instagram versus how they use Twitter is essential when it comes to determining which is best for your brand.


Is Instagram the “Twitter killer” that some people say? Not really. Even though they have a similar audience and demographic, they have entirely different uses in your social media marketing strategy. Instagram is a site to publish original content and build your brand awareness. Twitter is an excellent tool to curate and share content, as well as engage and interact with your target audience.

Which one would you prefer to use for business? Let us know in the comments below.