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 How work with Instagram Bot?

Choose dashboard language

You can choose your language from right top of the website. As you can see in picture, you can choose between English,  Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Persian ( more languages coming soon… ).

Best instagram bot choose language instazood

Sign up Page

You must first sign up in our service in order to use Instagram bot. Please click on the button to go to sign up page.

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Add Instagram Account

After you sign up, you can add your Instagram account. before you add your Instagram account please notice :

  1. Be sure you have verified your email in Instagram or remember the email has been used in your Instagram account.
  2. Be sure the email use to sign up in Instagram to be real and you access to that.
  3. Please upload your profile picture and post six photos via your smart phone.
  4. your account should not be private
  5. You shouldn’t have posts against Instagram terms (sexual and violence) in your page because Instagram block your  account.
  6. easily add your Instagram account

To add your Instagram in our Instagram bot, first enter your Instagram username and Instagram password then click on “Add Account” button. After this you must login to your Instagram Account via your smart phone. Instagram will ask you about “Was This You?” and you must click on “It Was Me” .

Adding Target to Get Followers

After you add your Instagram account , you must add target in “Get Followers” section.

Instagram bot works on targets that you specify and get real followers for you. you can get followers that related and interested  to your business.

Click on “Add Target” button to add new targets.

Note: If you don’t add any target, Instazood will not do any auto follow, auto like or auto comment.

Tips and Tricks

Add many targets about (10,20 or more) and then let Instagram bot works on targets. After one or two days come back and delete targets that have under 15% conversion ( the success rate ).


Use accounts rather than hashtags as target.


System performance depends entirely on the targets that you choose.


Don’t mark check box called “only active users”


If you think your Instagram bot is working slow, maybe because your following is reached to 5000. Instagram don’t allow you to follow (this is Instagram rules). This problem has been caused that your “skipped” number of your targets to be increased.

You can do these :

  1. unfollow manually with press “unfollow” button on dashboard now.
  2. In unfollow option tab set “Following threshold” field to 4500 and each time unfollow 1000.

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