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What Instazood does for clients on VIP

IMPORTANT! Instazood manages your Instagram bot to get the best performance when you use the Instagram bot. Please note that Instazood can’t accept those pages haven’t posts or quality of their posts are lower than Instazood standard.

Points you need to know before start use VIP

IMPORTANT! When you are using VIP services; never follow other pages, never like any post, never comment on any post and never unfollow any page.

IMPORTANT! When you are using Instazood VIP services, you should never ever make a change in promotion section of Instazood dashboard. Probable problems that may happen to your account due to your changes in dashboard or ignorance of these crucial points are not included in our responsibilities. However, we always do our best to tackle troubles..

IMPORTANT! You need to create an Instazood account and then you must add your Instagram account in that. In the next step, you must type your Instazood email in the email field.

IMPORTANT! When you start using our VIP service, in order to achieve a better efficiency, your following number will increase. However, you may ask for a restricted following number (2000 at minimum) or even zero following number. Although zero following decelerate the procedure of getting more followers.

IMPORTANT! To add a post on your Instagram, it’s significantly better to use Instazood scheduled post. Besides, please always utilize trend hashtags.

IMPORTANT! After getting started with VIP services, you can only be logged-in to your Instagram account via ONE device. So log out your Instagram in your gadgets and just keep one of them.

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