Instagram Tutorial

Instagram users often judge each other on a scale from 1-10.  Users rate each others’ attractiveness on a scale from 1-10.  While a 10 typically means a person is perfect, a 9 means a person is hot.  You would go out of your way to be seen with the person.

A 9 is typically used to rate one of the hottest, most popular individuals in school.  Prom queens and cheerleaders often receive the rating.
When cute or not is too vague, we use our handy scale in order to appraise the attractiveness of our peers.  A 10 is a dime piece, but most guys are far too cool to admit that a girl is a dime so most dime pieces receive 9’s.
What Does Rate 9 Mean On Instagram
This is similar to the hot or not system that Facebook originally used.  Business Insider explains that Hot or Not is the scandalous website that inspired Facebook.
ABC News reports that the co-founders of Hot or Not are now parents who love to travel.  The couple sold the website in 2008 for $20 million.
Back in 2012 Hotstagram was launched, a website that allowed users to vote on the hottest girls on Instagram.  The site is no longer active, leaving users to simply leave their ratings in the comments section of the photo-sharing app.