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History of updates for the Instazood Dashboard

Enable Your Own Country Proxy


We have added this feature that you are able to activate the proxy for your account by choosing your own country just in your own Instazood dashboard > Proxy Settings. Buy our Proxy. This way, the bot will use an IP of your time zone and location, and it will reduce any risk.


20 Dec 2018


Control targets from One panel (Easy mode)


For better interface and access to statistics and switching on/off the features on target more efficiently and all in one place, we update the dashboard design. Now you can see the whole activities of the bot in the time you’ve set in the statistics bar in one box; there you can turn on/off the features for all targets. For example, if you turn the like on, on all of the targets the like feature will be turned on, and if you turn the comment feature off, comment feature on all of the targets will be turned off.
And also, in every target, you can see its conversion and overall coverage of all activities.


2 Nov 2018

New left side panel, global design changes


Make improvements and bug fixes on the left side of the panel. Now you can quickly swipe up the dashboard to left and right just by a click on an arrow on top of the dashboard on the PC version.


28 Aug 2018

Visual improvements for Posting


We are always looking for ways to better our service, and we just updated the interface of posting service for better visual sights. Bugs fixes, and some improvements been applied. All we did is just for the better insight of the dashboard and more attraction of it.


10 Aug 2018

Updated stop-words widget in promo settings panel


Filters are one of the essential parts of the Instazood platform; they help you choose between services and make it work the way you want. Some accounts may use some spam, commercials and inappropriate words. You may not like to have interactions with them. So Stop Words filter lets you choose some words to prevent your bot from interacting with the users who have these words on their bio or usernames. Before you need to add these words by the pattern of_ word space comma word space comma_ and sometimes by not following this pattern the bot gets confused and not follow the orders. This is why for better result and avoid the confliction; we updated the stop words widget. Now it’s enough, you write the word and press enter, and there it goes.


9 Aug 2018

Refreshed left side panel for mobile screens, now it supports left-right swiping


We change the design of the dashboard to let the features be more accessible on the PC version of your dashboard; you can have a full screen of your targets and settings by sending the other information, like the number of followers and following proxy setting, and edit section to the left side of the dashboard. All we do is to make the visual segment of the dashboard better.


17 Jul 2018

Refreshed Comment Tracker module – now with ability to detect negative comments, updated it’s interface and design


We just update the comment tracker module and make the interface better and fix some bugs for better use. We receive messages about negative comments that people write under their posts that bothers them and search for any solution to get rid of them before anybody can notice them. Our programmers just think to find a way for your comfort and develop the app to detect the negative words and sentences automatically. It has made our bot smart as before, and you can just take a breath and don’t worry about the negative comments you may receive and your followers may see.


Jul 2, 2018

Added Billing, users now can see payments they made


To have your payments invoices, you had to ticket us and our support agents provided the billing paper with the given information and send them back to you. But today, we provide a section in your Instazood dashboard to have access to the billing of your payments of what date and with what information you like to download them by clicking ctrl+p


25 Jun 2018

Added abolity to view videos from instagram in post’s deails modal


Before for watching your video posts, you needed to go to your Instagram profile; you could just upload your videos via Instazood, not to watch them. But today, we provided this feature for more access to your needs. Now you can watch your videos via your Instazood posting dashboard, before or after you upload the videos into your account.


Added support for viewing Instagram carousel posts


For buying views for your videos, you needed to go to your Instagram bot dashboard and click on the buying views button, but now for your comfort, we add a section to our posting service that after you posted a video, you can buy views straight from there or after scheduling your posts to be posted on future, you can also buy views to get applied after Instazood posted them in your profile.


Jun 18, 2018

New AJAX loader image for Instazood


Had you noticed your panel dashboard when it was on the loading process? It was a circle that rolling, remember? Now for more attraction, we update the Ajax loader and make the abbreviation of Instazood, IZ, as a loading logo. Now you can see that a colorful IZ is rolling at the center of your dashboard when loading the page.


Jun 8, 2018

Released our own application to circumvent IG blocks.


Instazood provides a dedicated IP for each of its customers. All the jobs we do is just for your accounts safety. BTW, the IP of your Instagram app differs from the IP of our servers; this is why we think about something that uses your own computer or phone IP. For the like issue that sometimes may get block by Instagram, we added the proxy feature to solve the issue, but some customers had a problem using it and then, we develop an application that you install it on your PC or laptop and uses your own IP. This way likes automation blocks and all other issues get to solve. It is available for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux.


8 May 2018

Added ability to buy likes straight from post’s details modal


As you know, Instazood had provided a service to buy likes and views for your posts. For doing it though, you should go to the Instagram bot dashboard, click on buy likes/views, click on your posts to be able to have access to your posts to buy like for them. But today, we add a section to our posting service that after you posted a picture, you can buy likes straight from there or after scheduling your posts to be posted on future, you can also buy likes to get applied after Instazood posted them in your profile.


April 17, 2018

Added Viewing stories as additional action for promotion


Instazood Instagram bot in its promotion service, just do some activities depends on the targets you set. It follows accounts, like their pictures, comment under their posts and if you want, unfollow the accounts. And we just set it to do all these actions in a way to seems natural and just like human activities. And recently, with Instagram adding the Story feature to its app, we wanted to be up-to-date and just develop our Instagram bot and added viewing stories to our targets, to show the activities more natural, that somebody follows an account, like one of his posts, and watch its story.


April 10, 2018


Added support for refunded likes/views orders


Sometimes, system may give error not to deliver your likes, and it can be because of the traffics come to your account and be sent from our servers, it may make some conflicts and the money deducted from your balance to no avail, and likes don’t get delivered, and so it bothers you and we get uncomfortable about it, so we make a decision to change the algorithm to show you the refunded likes or views on your dashboard and the money get back to your balance. Now you can see which video or picture has been refunded to your balance to be able to re-purchase them.


April 3, 2018