Instagram Schedule Posts

An easy way to manage your posts on Instagram. you can test Instagram Schedule Posts 3 free days trial

What Is the Instazood Affiliate Program

This program helps websites, weblogs and people who are working on the internet to earn money. Introduce Instazood in your website, weblog or social network accounts, and make money. Instazood is a website that helps people to promote and manage their Instagram accounts. We have developed this program to increase our clients, and we are going to share some of our benefits with the whom are eager and able to work with us.

Instazood Services

 These are the services which you can introduce to your followers, audiences, and friends

Post Manager

With this service, you can efficiently manage and schedule your posts in Instagram

Instagram Bot

Instagram bot is the most popular service of Instazood that increase your Instagram followers

Comment Tracker

It is very easy to read, respond, delete, and organize all the Instagram comments

Auto Direct

Instagram DM Online is a great tool to make relationships with followers

Instazood Affiliate commission

We will pay a 15% commission on the first purchase of your affiliate program, and after that, it will be 10% of every transaction in our system, and it is forever!
You may spend the income using Instazood besides or whenever the total balance reaches 200$, you can ticket us and we will send the payout to your PayPal account.
If you just introduce 100 users and they purchase 35$/month on average, you can earn 520$ in the first month and 350$ every single month after.

How Instazood Affiliate works

What ways do you know for getting followers who are related to your business field or interests? Getting relevant followers was one of our challenges that we solved it with the targeting system. But How? Instazood has 5 targets accessibility: 1. Get other account’s followers 2. Get followers from lovers of preferred Hashtags 3. Get followers from owners of preferred Hashtags 4. Get Followers from preferred Locations 5. Get followers from preferred user lists

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