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Dec 2020
It’s the season for hashtags! If you have been on Instagram lately, you have probably seen a lot of popular hashtags floating around about the holidays. As an influencer or...
Nov 2020
GIF is one of the amazing features that is sharable of social media. GIF is a very short video format that repeats over and over. In this blog you will...
Nov 2020
Most popular YouTube channels
YouTube is now of the biggest platforms to share videos. Recently, it has added new features, including the live options and also adding to YouTube stories. Users can interact more...
Nov 2020
Post on Instagram from
There are different ways to post on Instagram from pc including installing the Instagram app, browser extension of desktop for Instagram, Facebook creator studio, third-party apps like Bluestacks, and social...
Nov 2020
Facebook is the biggest platform for everything you might need. However, Facebook activities are sometimes complicated and users might need instruction to do some of them. For instance, some may...
Nov 2020
Why can’t I Comment on a Certain Person’s Instagram posts
Like all other actions on Instagram, comments can get blocked as well on the platform. Instagram might avoid you from leaving comments under a photo of a certain person, or...
Nov 2020
How to Fix: «Unfortunately, Instagram Has Stopped»
Instagram is one of the most popular apps and can be very frustrating when it won’t work correctly. Sometimes, the app may crash, and you'll see an error "Unfortunately Instagram...
Nov 2020
There are several ways to get in touch with people on a popular social media like Instagram, directly or indirectly. Instagram messages is one way to interact with followers or...
Nov 2020
Fix Instagram Notifications not Working on iPhone 6 or 6S
Does anyone else not getting notifications from Instagram? I just experienced this problem yesterday. So I searched around and found some solution to it, and I am going to share...
Nov 2020
Instagram hashtag
Instagram has a new generation for hashtags. You cannot just follow the past rules and reach your target goals. Everything has changed and Instagram is one of them. The problem...
Nov 2020
The Instagram screenshot notification might be a significant concern to those who screenshot everything on Instagram! They cannot be blamed, because, with all these engaging and fun content on Instagram,...
Nov 2020
How to Post a TikTok Video on Instagram?
Posting TikTok videos is a fun way to display a production you created or music video you recorded. People put much effort into TikTok videos, so why not publish them...
Nov 2020
Instagram Rules, Restrictions and Limits
Updated on 28th Octobr, 2019 If you want to keep your Instagram account safe, it is really important to be aware of Instagram's rules, restrictions, limits, and policies such as...
Nov 2020
How Do I Track Instagram Comments?
Instagram might just be the most popular social media outlet currently. With hordes of people joining it every day and celebrities choosing it as their primary outlet for connecting with...
Oct 2020
How to Pin a Comment on your Live video on Instagram?
Instagram is putting a short spin on video streaming and private messaging. With two new significant updates which have entirely changed the face the platform on both Android and iOS,...
Oct 2020
Once in a while, Instagram users complain about issues regarding direct messages. This is while the Instagram DM is a very important app’s feature. Fully understanding how frustrating it is...
Oct 2020
Public Figure on Instagram
You have surely seen so many accounts on Instagram having the “Public Figure” label on their profiles even without having a high number of followers or a blue badge, and...
Oct 2020
Instagram bio ideas tips you need to know
Instagram bio ideas is absolutely essential to everyone with personal or business account, as it can show a self-image of yourself on every social scale, try to craft it well...
Oct 2020
Fix Instagram only Showing the Blank White Screen
After the "Not seeing the list of followers and following" bug and many other bugs before that, Instagram users have faced another bug which is greeting a blank or white...
Oct 2020
Why Can't I Log into Instagram on my iPhone
Many iOS users have reported that they have trouble logging in through their iPhone/iPad. Here we have investigated the issue, and the possible ways are provided to solve it. Recently...
Oct 2020
What is the difference between hashtags and tags?
What is the difference between tags and hashtags? As if that wasn’t confusing enough, there have to be various social media platforms to add on to the complication. How can...