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May 2019
IGTV landscape video
It might happen for you to struggle uploading videos on Instagram IGTV. Previously you should upload vertical videos to give a full-screen watch to the viewers, but now your followers...
May 2019
As we all know, Instagram nowadays is the most popular and the most used social media platform. Either you are using it just as a hobby or with a purpose,...
May 2019
Instagram has become the commonly used platform that you can rarely find someone who doesn't have an Instagram account.  Every Instagram user likes to gain a lot of followers, but...
May 2019
A new Format of Instagram Explore
If you are using Instagram daily, for sure, you have seen its Explore parts from the feed. If you tap on the icon from home, Instagram takes you to some...
May 2019
shuting down instagram DM
It was December 2017 that Instagram announced that they are launching a new app which they made it especially for chatting. However, after two years of working this standalone messing...
May 2019
Why my Instagram Direct message/DM Disappeared
Social media is one of the enjoyable ways to communicate with people. The Instagram message is one of the popular media to send and receive the message. However, it is...
May 2019
never Change your Instagram Username
User names on Instagram are actually the most important characteristics of your Instagram accounts since they define your content and purpose on Instagram and people on the platform would know...
May 2019
How do I Unhide Tagged Instagram Photos?
If you are using Instagram consistently, you, of course, know how to use its features like feed, stories, tagged photos. There is an option on Instagram that people can tag...
May 2019
Recover Deleted Instagram Photos and Videos
It sometimes happens that you unwantedly delete your Instagram photos and videos from your account and it becomes challenging to recover it. However, you can retrieve your deleted pictures or...
May 2019
Instagram @Shop
On May 9, 2019, Instagram announced that they opened an account specifically for people who love to shop from different brands. With this account, you can go to the page,...
May 2019
7 Tips for Dentists to Get more Followers on Instagram
Let’s start with this important truth that, in recent years most of the people have found a particular tendency on doing beauty works, especially dental practice and as Instagram is...
May 2019
Instagram has more than 2 billion more active users daily, and it is one of the best social media to get well-known. Though it could be confusing and challenging if...
May 2019
One of the hottest marketing trends in 2019 would be video marketing on social media. Instagram is one of the top social media for you to get well-known.  As researches...
May 2019
hide your “seen” from Instagram stories or direct message
Now Instagram has more than 1.5 million users; if you are using Instagram, surely you know how to upload your pictures or video, or using Instagram stories and Instagram direct...
May 2019
WhatsApp Business App now Available on IOS
WhatsApp business is a free application for small businesses. It has some features that make the communication easy, such as tools to the fast response, to automate and also to...
May 2019
Instagram is one of the top three social media that people are mostly using these days. In this competitive world of social media, Instagram is changing instantly. Read about Instagram’s...
May 2019
Instagram Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is about using software to automate marketing activities. Technology can help marketing sections to do a repetitive task such as sending emails, website, or even social media activities....
May 2019
The Wrong Beliefs on Using Instagram Bots and Instagram Automation Tools
All over the web, we see so many people talking about how risky and unsafe it is to use Instagram bots and that they only harm your Instagram accounts and...
May 2019
Donation Sticker and Shopping from Creators
On April 30, Instagram announced that new features are coming soon to connect people, family, and friends more easily and enjoyable. New features for who want to donate and help...
May 2019
How to Find your LinkedIn Page Engagement Rate
LinkedIn is a scary monster to undertake. Many people use it, but it’s difficult to understand. A lot of the content there are typically work oriented, mainly a significant focus...
Apr 2019
How to Use Influencer Campaigns to Grow your Followers on Instagram?
Instagram is a popular social media platform, with more than 1 billion monthly users. If you’re trying to increase your engagement and brand awareness, adding Instagram to your digital marketing...