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Nov 2018
How to get your first 1K Followers on Instagram? (part1)
So, do you need to reach that 1000 followers milestone? You are trying everything to grow your Instagram account. Maybe you have already got a few followers, and you have...
Nov 2018
Sharing your Election Day Excitement on Instagram
Instagram is rolling out a new feature to prompt increased voter participation in the US midterms, so with statistics revealing that younger people are less willing to get out and...
Nov 2018
How to Get an Inactive Instagram Handle?
Have you ever tried to use an inactive Instagram username? There’s a lot of consideration about this on the web, so we did a little research on how to get...
Nov 2018
You Can Now Post to Instagram from your Computer
Instagram is designed to be used only by phones, but if that doesn't work for you, here are a few steps for uploading directly from your pc to Instagram without...
Nov 2018
How to use Instagram bio live links?
Instagram has introduced a new feature to users’ bios. “Today, we’re introducing hashtag and profile links in bio, a new way to represent yourself and the things you care about,”...
Nov 2018
How to check if a hashtag is banned on Instagram?
Instagram is cleaning up its hashtags. You may notice that some hashtags don’t work anymore. So it’s a sign that they can get your Instagram account in trouble if you...
Nov 2018
The most adorable pregnancy announcements on Instagram
Before social media, pregnancy announcements were shared by email. Now, many people make their pregnancy announcements on Instagram, and they are as cute and lovely as they are creative: ......
Nov 2018
How to share songs from Soundcloud via Instagram stories?
Fans and creators will now be able to share songs from the soundtrack via Instagram stories. SoundCloud is making it easier for people to share music to Instagram directly from...
Nov 2018
How To Use Quick Replies On Instagram Direct?
Instagram is helpful not just for regular people who want to keep updates from their friends, family and favorite celebrities, but also for businesses who use the platform to promote...
Nov 2018
What is Finstagram app and how does it work?
Instagram has become the most popular social media platform among teens from all over the world. You can’t deny it, we all check Instagram regularly. The stream of infinite content...
Oct 2018
How to nail Instagram stories _ Instagram stories Tips and Hacks
If you want to craft a killer story as no one can, you have come to the right place. It has been a couple of years since Instagram launched stories...
Oct 2018
This article shows you how to quickly increase the number of users who follow you on Instagram. The safest method to do this is by using organic engagement techniques such...
Oct 2018
What is the difference between hashtags and tags?
What is the difference between tags and hashtags? As if that wasn’t confusing enough, there have to be various social media platforms to add on to the complication. How can...
Oct 2018
What is content marketing? Everything about content marketing
Traditional marketing is becoming less efficient these days, as an up to date marketer, you may think there has to be a better way. Yes, there is content marketing. Content...
Oct 2018
How to use Instagram to find a job?
Have you tried looking for work on Instagram? There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram, but there are only a few people taking advantage of this form of...
Oct 2018
How to use the new Instagram algorithm to boost your business account?
From SEO to social media, algorithms are usually what determine who actually sees the content you post and who does not. As the algorithm changes, yesterday's marketing strategies might become...
Oct 2018
How to use Instagram's New Favorites Tool?
Instagram is testing a new way to share posts with a limited group of friends. Called favorites or close friends, the feature tries to update the earlier social network encouraging...
Oct 2018
How to Back Up your Instagram Pictures before Deleting your Account?
If you want to save all of your Instagram posts to move to another platform or just a backup of your Instagram posts before deleting your account, now you can....
Oct 2018
How to Get Rid of Instagram Ads and Sponsored Posts?
Have you ever wondered about removing an ad from your Instagram feed? While you can’t stop ads from showing up in your feed, we will show you how to delete...
Oct 2018
How to See Who Viewed your Profile on Instagram?
If you are wondering who stalks your Instagram, keep reading because there’s an easy way to tell. Instagram is one of the most successful social networks around the world, and...
Oct 2018
How To Use Instagram Direct On PC or Mac
Instagram limits its users to post and interact with if they are logged in by a computer. From, you can typically scroll through your feeds and view the latest...