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Sep 2020
How to Use Instagram for PR?
With the rapid adoption of mobile internet access, coupled with an average human concentration extent that is decreasing just as quickly, PR professionals and marketers are finding out that visual...
Sep 2020
What is Finstagram app and how does it work?
Instagram has become the most popular social media platform among teens from all over the world. You can't deny it; we all check Instagram regularly. The stream of infinite content...
Sep 2020
All websites have their occasional glitch and problem, and when you recognize how much complicated many social media websites are, it’s not unexpected that their users face lots of different...
Sep 2020
Add Instagram Highlights without Adding to Story
Instagram lets you add stories Highlights yo your profile which is a collection of the stories you have uploaded in the past on Instagram. This feature allows your Instagram profile...
Sep 2020
How to Fix Can’t Upload Video To Instagram Stories?
So if you just finished crafting a great video but you can’t upload it to your Instagram story, then you are not the only one. Many users face this problem...
Sep 2020
How to Overcome Your Instagram Addiction
This is not just you; we are all guilty of overusing with Instagram and other social media. Using Instagram all the time can waste your time and cause some serious...
Sep 2020
What to Do if Instagram Temporarily Blocks You From Liking
If you happen to be viewing this web page, it can be assumed that you ran a Google search to ask what to do if Instagram blocks you from liking....
Sep 2020
How to fix Instagram won’t load on Wi-Fi
Instagram down is one of the most significant trends of the social network, including Twitter and Instagram. Sometimes, it is getting a headache and confusion for users. Here, we would...
Aug 2020
How to see who has Viewed your Instagram Story
As you may already know, Instagram has recently followed Snapchat's footsteps by launching a story feature. This feature lets you share multiple photos or videos with your Followers, which will...
Aug 2020
Instagram Video calls
Instagram has rolled an update that will make us more obsessed with Instagram. It's like how you can uninstall all of your other apps on your phone and have all...
Aug 2020
Fix: Instagram – Signup Blocked
If you’re trying to create a new Instagram account on your mobile device (iPhone or Android), you may receive this error that prevents you from signing up a new account...
Aug 2020
How to avoid getting banned, blocked or disabled by Instagram
Recently Instagram has made a few changes in its restrictions. Instagram’s limits for following, unfollowing and liking have remained unclear since today. Ambitious brands were made to test the limits...
Aug 2020
Fix ″Coulddon't Refresh Feed″ Instagram Error
Instagram doesn't crash most of the time. But all of the platforms have their errors, that's why sometimes we get the "Couldn't Refresh Feed" error message for no reason. How...
Aug 2020
The Instagram algorithm is designed to play videos automatically. Though, it is becoming challenging to watch the unwanted videos and most importantly, it uses much of your mobile data while...
Aug 2020
7 Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Followers
Now, Instagram, with billions of active users, is a competitive platform for all kinds of accounts. Getting more fans, which brings lots of benefits for account holders, is now a...
Aug 2020
How to Fix: «Unfortunately, Instagram Has Stopped»
Instagram is one of the most popular apps and can be very frustrating when it won’t work correctly. Sometimes, the app may crash, and you'll see an error "Unfortunately Instagram...
Aug 2020
Fix “Sorry there Was a Problem with your Request” Instagram Error
Recently I was logged out of Instagram automatically, and when I tried to re-login, there was an error “sorry there was a problem with your request.” I thought it might...
Aug 2020
How to hide you are in live video on Instagram
If you’re an Instagram user, you may have received notifications that someone you follow has gone “Live.” It has been a while that Instagram announced its new live video feature...
Jul 2020
What Makes A ‘Top Post’ On Instagram?
When we ask the question "What's your favorite social platform?," to our socialites or peers in the community, we often receive the response of "Instagram!"Which is awesome–we LOVE Instagram too...
Jul 2020
I can't see the List of my Followers
Instagram users are facing new problems while they are using Instagram. It seems that the more useful updates Instagram is releasing, the more bugs are showing up. Unfortunately, Instagram is...
Jul 2020
How to Get More Instagram Likes & Comments
Instagram doesn’t have a chronological algorithm anymore; posts are organized by engagement rates. It means that if your posts get more likes and comments, they will show up higher the...