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Sep 2018
How to Run a Successful Instagram Stories Takeover?
One of the best ways to create a mutually beneficial and fun relationship with your favorite brands is using an Instagram stories takeover. In this article, we will teach you...
Sep 2018
How to Report Cyberbullying on Instagram?
Instagram was created to make our life more comfortable and help us get in touch with our friends. But unfortunately, some users use this photo-sharing social media to harass or...
Sep 2018
How to Grow your Instagram Account without Buying Followers?
Instagram is a great tool which can help you meet new people, follow who inspire you, improve your blog or brand, and stay connected with your friends and family. On...
Sep 2018
How to Use the New Instagram Question Sticker for your Business?
Using the new Instagram stories question sticker is an excellent way to spend more time engaging with your audience. You can use them to craft creative stories for your account......
Sep 2018
How to Go Live on Instagram to Get more Engagement?
When you want to share what’s happening in your life at this moment with your followers on Instagram, there is no easier way than using Instagram live streams. Instagram first...
Sep 2018
How to Calculate Instagram Influencer Rates?
There are a few factors that you can use to calculate your Instagram influencer rates (they go beyond your follower numbers). One of the difficult parts of becoming an influencer...
Sep 2018
Instagram Is Testing a Feature to Tag People on Videos
Instagram is currently testing a new way to tag your friend's accounts to your videos. This can be a great way for personal, and business Instagram accounts to get rid...
Sep 2018
How to Stop Others from Sharing your Posts in Their Stories?
If you don’t want other users to share your posts on their stories, you can disable this function for them. Here is a step by step guide to stop people...
Sep 2018
Instagram has rolled out a new fix for its Android apps following the later reports of crashes this week. The company says they have discovered the issue on June, but...
Sep 2018
Being successful on Instagram is not as easy as it looks, you should practice a lot and monitor your process to find out what works and what doesn’t. You can...
Sep 2018
How Do I Contact Instagram Support?
Contacting Instagram is an easy thing to do. The real issue is receiving an instant response back and let alone a resolution to your question is tough. You should know...
Sep 2018
How to Share Feed Posts to Your Instagram Stories?
If I could have just one wish in life, I would wish to share all of the world’s cutest kitten pics with other people. Seriously, this can be exciting for...
Sep 2018
How to Create Covers for Your Instagram Stories Highlights?
Do you want to be more aesthetic on Instagram? You can try creating covers for your Instagram stories highlights to keep your Instagram profile more on the brand. Brands and...
Sep 2018
It's tough to keep up in the world of social media. As soon as you learn to use one feature, a new trend or tool comes in and makes you...
Sep 2018
How to Create Vertical Videos for Your Instagram?
With people holding their phones vertically around 90% of the time, vertical has become the new way to watch a video. Last year, it was determined that people spent at...
Aug 2018
Will I Get more Followers If I Change my Public Instagram Account to Private?
Most of the meme profiles on Instagram make their account private to gain more followers. These big Instagram accounts have millions of followers. So why they choose to hide their...
Aug 2018
Instagram lets you tag specific products in your stories just like you can with Instagram posts, how cool is that? Now your followers can tap on each sticker to find...
Aug 2018
How to Use Instagram Insight to Grow your Business on Instagram?
We all love to have some data! Data helps you know your audience better. It shows you what they like and who they are. So when it comes to social...
Aug 2018
How to Use Instagram Stories Template for your Brand?
Instagram stories are a good way for others to know you and participate in what you share. You can make them more interactive and create a game from them. So...
Aug 2018
How to Get your Instagram Post on the Top of the Feed?
Before I get to know Instagram’s algorithm, I used to post and post on Instagram so that the frequency of my posts increases the chance of showing up more in...
Aug 2018
Who Are the Main Users of Instagram?
Instagram is enjoying a skyrocketing growth, especially in the last four years. Instagram had reached 1 billion monthly users, up from 800 million in 2017. So you can say it...