Instagram Schedule Posts

Send automatic Instagram Direct message online with Instazood.

Welcome DM

With this feature you can send an Instagram direct message automatically to new followers.

Custom List

You can send one message to the custom list of Instagram accounts_followers and non-followers.

DM to All Followers

If you want to send DM to all of your followers, the best way is to use Instagram auto DM, it's easy and safe for your account

Instagram DM online

Instagram DM Online is a great tool to engage with your followers. Auto DM Instagram is one of the Instazood services that you can send an Instagram direct message automatically. With Instagram auto DM service, you can send automatically welcome DM to new followers, send DM automatically to your followers or to accounts who aren’t your followers. As you know Instagram have some limits for sending DM, we’ve considered these Limits, so don’t worry for your Instagram account’s security.

Use Instagram DM for Better Engagement

Post scheduler is one of the critical features of Instazood which we provide a small version of it for free to our customers. But the professional part of the schedule posts on Instazood give you the ability to manage your posts and publish them at the right time. Not only you can find most of the posting features of Instagram on Instazood, but also there are tools in the Instazood that do not even exist on the Instagram, such as Scheduling post deletion, Putting first comment, Watermark and more. We will soon add more capabilities and new features to schedule Instagram posts, like posting in an album or schedule stories.

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Attachment to Instagram DM Online

You can attach an image or a post to your Instagram auto DM and send it to your followers, new followers or custom listed accounts. You can attach a picture of your product for advertising or you can attach one of your Instagram posts to get likes. Instagram auto DM is the best way to sell your products, send information about your services, send your posts, etc.