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Social media companies should ban “damaging” celebrity-endorsed ads encouraging weight loss aids, England’s top doctor has said. Some celebrities with massive followers are promoting products such as diet pills and detox teas on Instagram.

Prof Stephen Powis, NHS medical director, discusses these products have a damaging effect on the mental and physical health of young people. He is also urging celebrities to act “responsibly.”

Prof Powis said: “If a product sounds like it is too good to be true, then it probably is. The risks of quick-fix weight loss outweigh the benefits, and advertising these products without a health warning is damaging. Highly influential celebrities are letting down the very people who look up to them, by peddling products which are at best ineffective and at worst harmful. Social media companies have to stamp out the practice of individuals and companies using their platform to target young people with products known to risk ill health,”

Fires lit by other people

Some influencers have promoted weight loss aids for payment on Instagram, and this type of promotion is growing as brands realize how influential their posts are on young audience. The Competition and Brands Authority lately announced a clampdown on celebrities who do not precisely label their posts as being paid-for ads, but there are few precepts around what they can promote.

NHS England’s national mental health director Claire Murdoch said that the intention was not to “suppress business or comment on what good business looks like.”

However, she displayed concern over the influence these public figures had over young people at an “impressionable” period in their lives.

“Both the celebrities themselves and these social media companies themselves should be more responsible,” she added.

A toxic influence

  • Kim Kardashian, who has 127 million followers on Instagram, was criticized for promoting appetite-suppressing lollypops last year. She later removed the post.
Celebrity Ads for Diet Aids Should Be Banned, Says NHS Director
  • Katie Price, who has1.9 million followers on Instagram, has promoted an appetite suppressant on her Instagram post, as did Vikki Patterson with 4.2 million followers, from the TV shows Geordie Shore and Loose Women.
  • Lauren Goodger of “The Only Way is Essex” has also promoted diet aids.
  • Actress Jameela Jamil, who campaigns for body positivity, has described Kim Kardashian as a “terrible and toxic influence on young girls,” and the meal replacement shakes as “laxative teas.”
Celebrity Ads for Diet Aids Should Be Banned, Says NHS Director

Ms. Jamil is the founder of the “I Weigh” Instagram campaign where she helps women to estimate their value beyond their weight and looks. Research from the National Citizens Service proves that at least one in five teens say that their appearance was the most significant thing to them, with over half of girls feeling the obligation and the pressure to be thinner, and a third of boys believing they should be more muscular.

“Taking any substance which impacts the body, without proper medical advice and support, is a risk,” said Prof Powis.

“Cosmetic treatments and get-thin-quick products which are readily and increasingly available and promoted can be harmful if not used correctly.”

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What do you think about the influencers on Instagram? Do you think they have a responsibility about their followers?


Instagram Tutorial

Instagram is testing a donation sticker for its Stories feature, as found by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. The feature looks similar to what Facebook offers with its donation and fundraising tools for personal or charity reasons.

Based on her screenshot, it seems like people on Instagram will be able to search within a list of nonprofits to link straight to the sticker.

New Donation Sticker in Instagram Stories

This feature will give users the ability and option to fundraise for their favorite nonprofits. Even better, this will provide nonprofits with an entirely new platform for fundraising Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories recently hit a milestone of 500 million daily active users, so this is an assuring option for nonprofits or any other organization with a significant focus on fundraising.

For the nonprofits with fewer followings on Instagram, it might be the best time for you to start partnering with an influencer in their niche. Influencers and Brands love proving they care about a cause and can help you reach a broader audience and promote your cause — win, win.

Currently, though, this donation sticker is still in experiment mode. In the meantime, the rest of us will have to stick with the classic “swipe up” feature to link.

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Instagram Tutorial

“We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts,” an Instagram spokesman told the News blog. The new function called “Self-Regram” would make it easier for influencers, businesses, and anyone with multiple Instagram accounts to simultaneously promote content across profiles, instead of copy-pasting on each one.

But it could turn people’s feeds into a scrolling stream of monotony_ “with different audiences of different accounts seeing the same shots and captions,” TechCrunch said.

And isn’t that why Instagram avoided a native “regram” feature (the ability to repost someone else’s post to your feed) in the first place?

How to Post Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously?

Instagram allows the iOS users to publish a post to multiple accounts at once. Judging by a screenshot shared by TechCrunch, people with several Instagram accounts can pick one (or more) to share pictures, meme s, videos, and plaintexts. This feature is currently available to those running iOS.

Here’s How to Use it:

1- on the final page of the photo-sharing process, look for the “Post to other Accounts” drop-down menu.

2- all logged in accounts will appear with the option to toggle them on or off!

3- you can switch them on to enable to feature.

It is not clear that when this will hit Android, or whether it’ll reach Instagram stories, as well. It is also unclear how vital this feature really is. Most users who have multiple Instagram accounts use one for personal things and another for business, so they rarely overlap in content.