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Instagram New Feature, Instagram Tutorial

It can be a disappointment when the new Instagram features are not showing up on your app. You’re not the only one who noticed the missing Instagram features, but I’ve got a few Instagram tips that might help you receive them quickly.

First off, it could only be because your app isn’t entirely up-to-date. If your Instagram isn’t set to “update automatically,” there’s a chance you’re still using the old version of Instagram.

There are a few methods you can try to get the missing Instagram features.

Here’s what you can do:

Why you’re Missing New Instagram Features

1- Update your Instagram app

  • Go to app store (for iOS) or play store (for Android)
  • Find Instagram and check for updates
  • If there was a new version available, download and install it.
  • Check if the issue is fixed.
Why you’re Missing New Instagram Features?

2- Log out/into your Instagram account

Sometimes logging out of your Instagram account and logging back in again will solve the problems. It’s like you are restarting your Instagram.

Why you’re Missing New Instagram Features

3- Reinstall the Instagram app on your device

If you still facing the issue, try this: delete your entire Instagram app and install it again.

  • Go to your home page, find Instagram and uninstall it
  • go to play store or app store and download and install Instagram again
  • log in to your account and check if you got the new features.

4- Wait for it…!

If it doesn’t work after all these methods, then you just need to wait.

It usually takes some time for Instagram to roll out new features around the world. It’s common for big platforms to release new features gradually. The new feature might not be available in your country yet, or it might not be available on your Instagram account yet.

Alternatively, maybe one of your accounts already has the new features while your other accounts might not have it yet, which seems somehow weird. Shouldn’t we have the same feature on both of our Instagram accounts? Well, it looks like Instagram considers our accounts as separate accounts.

5- Contact Instagram

If it has been a long time since you’ve been waiting for the new Instagram features, contact the company and inform them of your situation.

Why you’re Missing New Instagram Features?

How to contact Instagram?

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select “Report a problem.”
  • Write your query and click send.
  • Wait for a few days, and Instagram will answer you as soon as they get your report.

That’s it!

If you know any other methods to get the missing features from your Instagram app, please share with us in the comments below.


Instagram Tutorial

For Russian misinformation-mongers, 2017 was the year of Instagram. As Twitter and Facebook cracked down on external influence campaigns between media investigation, the Kremlin’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) located unparalleled success in changing its disinformation efforts to the photo-sharing app, according to a new report approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

On Instagram, the IRA conducted a memetic battle against millions of users by creating a sophisticated and robust network of accounts related to important social justice and political concerns. These profiles weren’t primitive or poorly managed but, rather, part of a well-oiled attraction machine intended to weaponize the social clout used by power users on Instagram.

“Instagram was perhaps the most effective platform for the Internet Research Agency,” decides the report, written by cybersecurity firm New Knowledge.

How Instagram Became the Russian IRA's go-to Social Network

The IRA produced only 135 Instagram accounts. But a lot of these attracted more than 100k followers, generally viewed as inception to mark an account an “influencer;” almost 50 exceeded the “micro-influencer” milestone of 10k followers. Similar to many American influencers, the IRA monetized its social media popularity by pushing custom-made commodities—giving it access to the customers’ personally identifying data, and developing partnerships with brands.

The IRA aggressively targeted black Americans on Instagram as well as the right and left with a coordinated, multi-level influence campaign created by networks of parallel and competitive profiles, which worked in companion to cover users in a highly controlled ecosystem of the Kremlin’s design.

The most successful accounts were focused on feminism, black culture, Christianity, LGBTQ+ issues, veterans, gun rights, and collected more than 10 million interactions—engagement such as likes and comments—each. Others represented news breaks and journalists in the hopes of increasing distrust in the actual media between target audiences. The goal, as with much of the Russians’ digital activity, was to increase divisions and stoke hostilities in the US.

On Instagram, IRA accounts ridiculed the idea of IRA accounts on Instagram. In the track of the 2016 election, up to 70 posts on Instagram and Facebook targeting right-wing audiences downplayed the presence of Russian interference.

How Instagram Became the Russian IRA's go-to Social Network

Starting in 2015, the time explained by the report, IRA-controlled accounts spread 116k Instagram posts, almost twice as many as the 61k posts on Facebook, which until now have gained far more attention. The Instagram posts got more than 183 million likes and 4 million comments, generating more interactions from users than relative Russian operations on Facebook, which collectively earned about 76 million engagements. The report also recommends that Facebook, Instagram’s origin company, downplayed the outsized part of the photo-sharing platform in Russian efforts to seed discord.

Instagram’s position was “something that Facebook executives appear to have avoided mentioning in Congressional testimony,” the report says.

How Instagram Became the Russian IRA's go-to Social Network

Once these groups account reached a significant mass, they were used to promote stories that increased tensions between groups and seize the conversation among target viewers by showing potential subjects of discussion or judgments from a trusted source — one especially potent example of this strategy recognized in the report centers around a real-life human interest story.

The IRA gradually expanded the story of an 11-year-old black boy who obtained national news after creating a device to prevent hot car deaths.

 IRA-run Facebook pages and Instagram accounts reframed the story to strengthen racial in-groups: “White people invent tools for killing, this Black child is inventing a tool for saving lives,” stated one post. “these are stories of Black children the media don’t want you to see,” state another. Black Matters wrote an article about the case on its website, which it declared had well over 100k subscribers.


Instagram Tutorial

Unless you already have an Instagram boyfriend who is dedicated to capturing great pictures of you, you would hope that whichever stranger or friend you hand your phone to can take a nice shot.

To make sure they catch precisely what you want, you can try using SOVS (‘Some One Very Special”), a funny Korean photo app that helps you show people how you want your picture taken.

Who is an Instagram boyfriend?

Behind every girl’s perfect Instagram picture is an often unwilling photographer boyfriend.

Maybe you have one, perhaps you know one, or maybe you are one – Instagram Boyfriends are the neglected heroes who walk amongst us!

This App Turns Strangers into Perfect Instagram Boyfriends

How does this app work?

The concept is very simple: you can choose from a menu of white outlines drawing different poses, then hand your phone to your photographer to superimpose the avatar over you. You can pick between a 3:4 or square ratio shot, and you can also customize the size of the outlines and move them around to your favor. The drafts can either appear in the captured picture or just be used as a pattern or guide and disappear when it has captured.

There are two available versions of this app, which are unfortunately iOS-only for now:

  • SOVS is meant to be used when you need a solo shot and costs 99 cents.
  • SOVS2 is free and comes with some fabulous poses for group photos.

 Of course, there are in-app purchases in case you like to use some of the premium packs.

This App Turns Strangers into Perfect Instagram Boyfriends

It’s delightful to observe a photo app on the top apps charts (it hit number one in Photo apps in Korea when it first launched last year and is still going mighty) that’s not dedicated to over-filtering the living daylights out of your face, but rather, offers a mere solution to a common issue.

Is it somewhat embarrassing? Sure! But will it get the job done? Apparently! So take that pride aside, go ahead and hand over your camera to a stranger, who may be like, “Wait, what’s this?” Still they’ll get the hang of it, and eventually, you will be the one with great pictures from your solo Europe trip, it will make your followers wonder, “Has she taken on a new lover who’s also a fabulous photographer?”

This App Turns Strangers into Perfect Instagram Boyfriends

What do you think about this app?

Who is your Instagram boyfriend? Do you have one? Tell us more about it in the comments below.

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Instagram Tutorial

“We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts,” an Instagram spokesman told the News blog. The new function called “Self-Regram” would make it easier for influencers, businesses, and anyone with multiple Instagram accounts to simultaneously promote content across profiles, instead of copy-pasting on each one.

But it could turn people’s feeds into a scrolling stream of monotony_ “with different audiences of different accounts seeing the same shots and captions,” TechCrunch said.

And isn’t that why Instagram avoided a native “regram” feature (the ability to repost someone else’s post to your feed) in the first place?

How to Post Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously?

Instagram allows the iOS users to publish a post to multiple accounts at once. Judging by a screenshot shared by TechCrunch, people with several Instagram accounts can pick one (or more) to share pictures, meme s, videos, and plaintexts. This feature is currently available to those running iOS.

Here’s How to Use it:

1- on the final page of the photo-sharing process, look for the “Post to other Accounts” drop-down menu.

2- all logged in accounts will appear with the option to toggle them on or off!

3- you can switch them on to enable to feature.

It is not clear that when this will hit Android, or whether it’ll reach Instagram stories, as well. It is also unclear how vital this feature really is. Most users who have multiple Instagram accounts use one for personal things and another for business, so they rarely overlap in content.