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Instagram Tutorial

Instagram is testing a donation sticker for its Stories feature, as found by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. The feature looks similar to what Facebook offers with its donation and fundraising tools for personal or charity reasons.

Based on her screenshot, it seems like people on Instagram will be able to search within a list of nonprofits to link straight to the sticker.

New Donation Sticker in Instagram Stories

This feature will give users the ability and option to fundraise for their favorite nonprofits. Even better, this will provide nonprofits with an entirely new platform for fundraising Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories recently hit a milestone of 500 million daily active users, so this is an assuring option for nonprofits or any other organization with a significant focus on fundraising.

For the nonprofits with fewer followings on Instagram, it might be the best time for you to start partnering with an influencer in their niche. Influencers and Brands love proving they care about a cause and can help you reach a broader audience and promote your cause — win, win.

Currently, though, this donation sticker is still in experiment mode. In the meantime, the rest of us will have to stick with the classic “swipe up” feature to link.

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Instagram Tutorial

You can now share what you are binge-watching on Netflix with your friends on Instagram. Netflix rolled out a new feature which allows you to share movies and TV shows on your Instagram stories.

Currently available for iOS users only, Netflix movie titles can now be shared on Instagram stories, directly!

Before this, Netflix allowed people to share titles only on Instagram Direct. You can find this option via the share button on the Netflix app. Along with more app integrations like WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, and Line. Netflix users can share either TV shows or movies directly on their Instagram Stories. The chosen TV Show or movie will have a full spread on Instagram Stories. Users can decide to share the story as it is or edit it, TechCrunch reported.

How to share Netflix movies on Instagram?

New Feature for Binge Watchers

Like other Instagram Stories, you can add text, stickers or emoji on the picture. In addition to this, the Netflix titles shared will also include a clickable link. Users who have the Netflix app on their phone will see an option to “Watch on Netflix.” clicking on this link will direct them to the Netflix app, and they can start watching the shared movie or TV show right away.

New Feature for Binge Watchers

This feature is presently available for iOS users only, but Netflix is working on bringing it to Android. There isn’t a definite launch date for the Android roll out as yet.

Netflix on Instagram Stories: New Feature for Binge Watchers

Instagram started its third-party app integration for Stories last May. It enables users to share information from other platforms on their Instagram Stories. It supports apps like GoPro and Spotify to share songs and pictures. Instagram Stories which is increasingly becoming more successful than the platform itself has over 400 million active users.


Instagram Tutorial

If there is any business that seems to work like the good old days, it’s the local barbershop. There are nostalgia and culture that goes with barbershops. A kind of male retreat and social scene that made some barbershops a local place to gather.

This lent itself remarkably to marketing.  Men just knew where to go to get a haircut.  Joe, Tom, or (of course) Floyd were the best – and usually only – barbers in town.

6 Excellent Instagram Marketing tips for Barbershops

Times have changed. Today there is a much broader range of potential customers, many as interested in working with a hairstylist as an old-school barber. To reach more audience and compete against both local and chain salons or barbershops, you need better marketing strategies than just the yellow pages and word of mouth.

Here are six ideas to help you market your barbershop in 2019. Follow these tips to fill your chairs with new customers and keep them full with loyal clients. This is where Instagram comes in as one of the most effective and powerful tools to get new customers and engage with the existing ones. Instagram is very important since it’s such a visual medium, adjusting itself perfectly to the craft. Also, Instagram has two times more engagement than any other social media platform which makes it an ideal place to engage with your audience.

Here are six excellent Instagram marketing (that actually work) that can help you milk the popular platform for all it’s worth:

1- Highlight your work!

Instagram allows you to create permanent collections of your Instagram stories that will show on the top of your Instagram feed. Use this feature to organize every aspect of your business like products you use, barbers in your shop, most popular services and running promotions. It is likely that new customers will be comparison shopping. So list your prices, and make sure it’s clear from you feed the level of service you are providing.

6 Excellent Instagram Marketing tips for Barbershops

Instagram allows you to create permanent collections of your Instagram stories that will show on the top of your Instagram feed. Use this feature to organize every aspect of your business like products you use, barbers in your shop, most popular services and running promotions. It is likely that new customers will be comparison shopping. So list your prices, and make sure it’s clear from you feed the level of service you are providing.

2- Create a perfect gallery of haircuts and styles

Haircuts are visual, and your Instagram profile should reflect this. Think of your Instagram as a visual gate to your shop. While designing your Instagram feed, strongly consider what potential customers want to see. Share pictures of recent haircuts, fashionable hairstyles, and your shop. This is where your customers will spend most of their time on, so you need it to be enticing and visually appealing.

6 Excellent Instagram Marketing tips for Barbershops

3- Create and extend your Branded-Hashtag

Create a branded hashtag that represents your barbershop and use it to brand all your posts on Instagram. Some services are better suited to the “selfie” culture of Instagram than styling hair. When you have customers proud of their new haircut, ask them to share a selfie on their Instagram profile and mention your barbershop with your unique hashtag as a branding tactic. It’s free, effective marketing that provides social proof and trust for your business.

4- Gain followers and engage with them

Whether it’s a picture, funny meme, contest, or just an essential update about your working hours or closing times, engage your followers consistently. Create a posting schedule as a piece of your strategy. With the new algorithm now engagement has more influence on what appears on your feed. So, be more engaging, if someone asks a question, make sure to respond quickly, and display the same kind of friendly attitude you would if he were sitting in your chair.

6 Excellent Instagram Marketing tips for Barbershops

5- Use Instagram Ads

Like many other platforms that offer online advertising, Instagram lets you target your ideal audience with pinpoint precision and charge you only when the person clicks on the ad. In 2018, the average cost per click for Instagram ads was around $0.7 for all age ranges. Instagram offers “store visits” with the intention of turning ad impressions into people that walk into your shop. Instagram is particularly suited for brand engagement, and it can be the perfect platform for promoting your barbershop.

6- Analyze your posts every week

Instagram provides some critical insights like impression, profile visits and audience demographics to all business accounts. You can use this feature to track which one of your posts get the most engagement and where your followers are coming from. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Make sure also to leverage this data and look for guides to understand your audience’s pain points and needs.

6 Excellent Instagram Marketing tips for Barbershops

The ultimate purpose of a barbershop is to develop a constituency of repeat customers, as well as new clients through customer referrals. Because of this, many neighborhood barbershops are a place where people socialize and enjoy each other’s company, which only lets you get more satisfied and loyal customers. In this digital age, social network platforms like Instagram offer a different avenue for barbershops to hang out and engage with their clients. Use Instagram to get found by a new audience, develop a positive reputation, and earn the loyalty of your best customers. When people look forward to coming in for a haircut, you will know you’re doing it right.

Barbers and stylists, how do you use Instagram for promoting your business?

Let us know in the comments below.


Instagram Tutorial

“We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts,” an Instagram spokesman told the News blog. The new function called “Self-Regram” would make it easier for influencers, businesses, and anyone with multiple Instagram accounts to simultaneously promote content across profiles, instead of copy-pasting on each one.

But it could turn people’s feeds into a scrolling stream of monotony_ “with different audiences of different accounts seeing the same shots and captions,” TechCrunch said.

And isn’t that why Instagram avoided a native “regram” feature (the ability to repost someone else’s post to your feed) in the first place?

How to Post Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously?

Instagram allows the iOS users to publish a post to multiple accounts at once. Judging by a screenshot shared by TechCrunch, people with several Instagram accounts can pick one (or more) to share pictures, meme s, videos, and plaintexts. This feature is currently available to those running iOS.

Here’s How to Use it:

1- on the final page of the photo-sharing process, look for the “Post to other Accounts” drop-down menu.

2- all logged in accounts will appear with the option to toggle them on or off!

3- you can switch them on to enable to feature.

It is not clear that when this will hit Android, or whether it’ll reach Instagram stories, as well. It is also unclear how vital this feature really is. Most users who have multiple Instagram accounts use one for personal things and another for business, so they rarely overlap in content.